Backyard Deck in New Orleans

Scott Allen Perry
by Scott Allen Perry
5 Days
Just built this 16 x 16 foot deck in our backyard NOLA home. 4 rows of red cedar planters for herbs and other goodies part of the construction. Also some planters on the sides of the deck for lemongrass and other mosquito repelling plants.
Frame. 6x4 inch posts to raise deck off the ground. 4x4 inch 16 foot framing beams. Cut ends at 45 degree angle to set square frame.
6x6 support beam across bottom middle of frame. 2x4s for support throughout frame.
2x4s rest on top of 6x6 supports. 3 inch Deck screws connect all framing.
16 foot 2x6 boards connected with two 3 inch deck screws at every contact point.
Two 4x6 8 foot beams leveled and buried 2 feet deep. Holes filled and secured with concrete, posts connected to 4x6 posts with stainless steel cornet brackets.
Planters made out of 5/6x6 inch 6 foot red cedar fence boards. Each side is 2 fence boards end to end. This bottom planter has two fence boards on top of each other making it 12 inches deep.
Next level planter is 6 inches deep.
Bottom of planters are aluminum screening secured with stainless staples. Little stop sign style red cedar on ends just a decorative touch to accent the ends of the fence boards.
Finished planters. Red cedar boards between the 4x6 fence posts to seperate the treated lumber from the natural cedar. If your are planting things you want to eat do not use treated lumber. Cedar is great because it doesn't rot and pre
First batch of herbs.
First run of the new deck before waterproof/stain.
Finished with water-sealer, Natural Cedar finish. Step made of two 6 foot 4x6 posts and two 6 foot 2x6 boards. Secured with metal brackets.
Natural cedar waterproof sealer.
After waterproofing/stain Natural Cedar finish.
planter made for side of deck out of 5/6x6 boards. Treated lumber, so these plants are not for eating, just for lemongrass and other mosquito repelling plants.
16 foot x 16 foot DECK FRAME TOPPED WITH 2x6 BOARDS
PLANTER AND STEP LAYOUT. Use this with the actual pics and you should be able to create similar planter.
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  • Cpr25830767 Cpr25830767 on Apr 26, 2018

    what was the cost of building this deck ? how much did it cost to build in the planters?

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  • Pattywalker0703 Pattywalker0703 on Aug 30, 2016
    You did not mention anything on how to level the deck. I would want to close the sides so no chitters could crawl under the deck. Any suggestions on how to do that. I live in California and my soil is very dry almost like a powder.
  • Deb Lee Deb Lee on Jun 04, 2017

    shouldn't that deck be anchored against high winds?