Disney Princess Furniture Redo

by Lawrence
3 Months
The Disney Princess furniture collection at Rooms To Go Kids is quite lovely, but not truly fitting of my little princess. After months of painting, I'm still not completed (sleigh bed left to do). I'm amazed at how lovely. I asked a furniture refinisher if he would do it...he said "of course." And sent me a quote of $7,000! I was flabbergasted, but now I know why it was so much. It is worth the effort though!
Here's the entire set at Rooms To Go Kids.
Their painted furniture.
Detailed view
The pulls and handles are a combination of hand and spray paint. The gold spray paint is incredibly easy!
I used a gold sparkle paint for the roses.
You might ask me why the contrasting purple...because my daughter asked for purple too! Would you say no?
My Little Princess
The important supplies.
Here are my paints. You just need some sort of Crackle glaze. I found the spray paints the best at being super shiny (but a little hard to hand paint with...because I didn't want to use paint thinner - I just threw the brushed out as they dried and got too hard to work with). You also need lots of brushes (detail, hand and small rollers).
Other supplies I used: Sanding sponges (not pictured), Hand and detail paint brushes , paper for masking off, painter's tape (not pictured), caulk (for filling any seams you don't like), and drop clothes.
Sand the entire furniture. Then I painted the dark pink over virtually the entire piece, then started adding in the details. Purple next, followed by the silver dots, and gold trim (all hand painted). Next is the crackle finish on the top. The last detail is to tape off the top area so I can spray on the gold edge (as it is too large and detailed to hand paint...plus it is quicker to tape it and spray it). Final step is to apply three coats of your chosen clear coat.
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  • Brett Martin Brett Martin on Feb 23, 2022

    My wife and I recently bought this dresser secondhand and it’s in bad condition. We are going to refinish it to the original white and your post has been very helpful so far. my question is, we’re you able to remove the drawers? It seems like they aren’t able to come out.

  • Jean Barnes Jean Barnes on Apr 18, 2022

    did you remove any of the pulls/ handles?

  • Amy69278766 Amy69278766 on Aug 20, 2022

    This has inspired us to do the same thing. Can you possibly list the exact paint colors you used?

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  • Sally Sally on Oct 06, 2021

    That is amazing and inspirational. Your daughter would be so proud.

  • Mun63737955 Mun63737955 on May 05, 2022

    Hello i have bought this set before but unfortunately while moving we lost the screws and instructions, is there any way i could just get a copy of what screws are needed, i know this is random but im looking everywhere just to look for these.