Create a Low-Cost DIY Subway Tile Look

This project doesn’t actually use any original subway tiles. Instead, Hometalker Megan {TwoFeetFirst} shows us how to paint the wall to achieve a highly realistic white subway tile effect. She painted the wall gray and used tape cut with a straight-edged knife to leave grout lines. She then painted the wall white and removed the tape. Get tutorial here

Subway Tiles to Add Color to a Bathroom

Do you want to get a great subway tile look in your bathroom? Hometalker uses pink subway tiles in this image to provide a stylish, modern look that should stand the test of time as well. They have contrasted a bathroom that is otherwise all white using a number of pink tiles. The color it adds makes for a surprisingly warm look too. Get tutorial here

Use Subway Tile Backsplash Wallpaper

In this case, getting a subway tile look in the kitchen turned out to be very easy to do. Hometalker Heather Olinde decided that hanging some printed wallpaper was a sufficient and less labour-intensive solution. She advises to measure twice and cut once and to pay particular attention to the grout lines when lining up the wallpaper. Get tutorial here

Seal your subway tiles with Glamorous Grout

It is clear that the right choice of white subway tile makes any kitchen sparkle. Hometalker Albion also proves with this great image that using sparkly, glamorous grout adds to the overall appeal. She used sapphire and gold glitter grout here. After working on a test patch, she decided to use this combination in the rest of the kitchen as well. Get tutorial here

Use Chalkboard Paint for the Subway Tile Effect

Another alternative to buying subway tiles is to use chalkboard paint and a chalk marker to do the job. Hometalker The Blooming Hydrangea did this to brighten up the kitchen, with great results. She used a level and also spaced the vertical lines every five inches. This resulted in a clean, classic look that adds a lot of fun style to the room. Get tutorial here

A Realistic Subway Tile Backsplash Stick-on

This realistic backsplash was simply stuck onto the wall. Hometalker Our Crafty Mom says that it took her under an hour to apply this peel and stick model to the wall, starting at the outside. She suggests lining it up carefully and then using a credit card to smooth out any air bubbles. If it doesn’t line up perfectly you can unpeel and try again. Get tutorial here

White Subway Tiles Look with Black Cabinets

The right decision with your backsplash can make all the difference. In this image, we can see how Hometalker Beckie@Infarrantly Creative used a white subway tile style to brighten up a dark kitchen. She says that it cost her less than $200 to carry out this entire task. It certainly adds to the appeal of the room, with minimum cash and effort spent. Get tutorial here

Use Smaller Mosaic Subway Tiles

What if you don’t have a big enough space for the standard white subway tile? You might want to see Hometalker Katie@Little House of Four’s details of how she used a smaller mosaic tile instead. She used a wet tile saw, laser level, tape measure, and tile spacers among her other supplies. She pointed out the importance of measuring the grout lines. Get tutorial here

Subway Tile Bathroom Design

This project shows the quality finish given by a subway tile shower and bathroom approach. The image was taken by Hometalker South Cypress, who describes the style in it as timeless and elegant. Large, white subway tiles were used on the wall in the bathroom and in the shower area. Chair rails were used to frame in the mirror too, completing the look. Get tutorial here

Install Beveled Subway Tiles on Sheets

Would you prefer beveled subway tiles? This is the approach taken by Hometalker S. Their project installed the tiles on sheets and is described as being “fairly easy” although reasonably labor-intensive. They first arranged the tiles on the floor to plan the pattern well. Then, they used a wet saw to cut tiles, with a tile cutter for smaller pieces. Get tutorial here

Arrange Subway Tiles in a Stair Step Pattern

If you love the subway tile look then you will enjoy seeing how this great project finished up. Hometalker Victoria | Dazzle While Frazzled used a stair step pattern to make it even more special. They traced the tile pattern onto the wall first. After this, it was a question of applying mastic and then carefully filling in the pattern with the tiles. Get tutorial here

Get the Look in a Subway Tile Shower

Getting a subway tile shower is one of the best ways to use this material wisely at home. That is exactly what Hometalker Ashley did to spectacular effect when finishing off the farmhouse bathroom. She used a white subway tile with colored trim near the top and bottom for contrast. The end result is a great looking shower with a fresh look. Get tutorial here