Bathroom Trash Can Lid

by Judy
3 Materials
10 Minutes

I have an adorable pup who loves bathroom garbage! Yuck! I really needed a solution for this.

So, I made a lid!

Adorable Joy who is not so adorable with the trash.

Trace the size of the opening on cardboard or wood to make the lid.

I used black marker to outline it.

Small stainless can without a lid and I wanted it to look nice and not have to keep the door closed for heating reasons.

Cut the paper to size and wrap like a gift. I added a piece of wrapping to the bottom in an oval to cover the folds and glue and hot glued for a finished look.

I used wrapping paper to cover the cardboard and hot glued it. Then I found an old knob but it was gold. So I used foil to match and covered it

Poking a hole in the middle for the knob.

Simple but a deterrent to my pup. If I need to use wood for a heavier lid I will. Now I have a template!

I hope you like this solution and give it a try yourself!

Suggested materials:
  • Trash can   (Target)
  • Cardboard   (I had this)
  • Knob   (Walmart)
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