DIY Kitchen Organization Ideas

Gathering ideas for your kitchen de-clutter project? We will help you organize this space with ideas, tips, and hacks so that your kitchen can be a super efficient and user friendly space. Check out our top, new, and best kitchen organization projects, as well as our DIY video tutorials, and discussion boards. Happy organizing and cooking!

Tips for a Neat Kitchen
Use pull-out storage units
Hide your utensils and containers with a unit you can pull out when needed. This an especially worthwhile DIY task in small kitchens.
Add a new kitchen island
Fit a kitchen island to immediately increase your storage space and work surface. These can be created in a huge variety of styles and sizes.
Find space for a lazy Susan
Use a lazy Susan to always have access to everything that is neatly stored away. Fit this revolving unit to use up awkward storage spaces.
Store baskets under the sink
Don’t let the space under your sink go to waste. Put some baskets here and you can use it for conveniently storing a variety of items.
Use uniform storage containers
Get a uniform selection of storage containers for a better look and smarter use of space. Don’t clutter the kitchen with assorted containers.
Top Projects for Organizing Kitchens

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Popular Slideshows for Organizing Kitchens

Slideshows of kitchen decluttering and organization projects. Take notes!

Kitchen Organization Videos

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Alternative Uses for Dollar Store Cooling Racks

I love buying things at the dollar store. It's so cheap, and there is always something I can find for a DIY project. I saw these cooling racks there, and I thought "what if I can use these for organizing?" It took some thinking, but I found two really awesome uses for it that have definitely made things more organized.

DIY Pull-Out Cabinet Shelves for Under $30 Each

Do you ever forget about kitchen items you own because they ended up buried in the back of one of your cabinets? Deep base cabinets are great for the storage of large pots and pans, but things often get pushed to the back and forgotten about or left there to avoid having to bend down and dig them out. Pull-out cabinet shelves are the perfect solution to that problem and make the best use of all available storage by making it easily and instantly accessible!I built pull-out cabinet shelves for my kitchen base cabinets and could not be happier with how much function they add to our kitchen. Even though the storage space was there all along, it was virtually hidden and the pull-out shelves brought our stored items back into use. This project was not difficult but if you are unfamiliar with using pocket hole screws, it may take a bit of practice and therefore, I would describe it as a medium difficulty project.

Hide Your Ugly Trash Bins With This Quick and Easy Build

Whether you are a beginner or advanced builder, we all have ugly trash bins that are just begging to be hidden. With this easy afternoon build, you can create a fence-like structure that will hide two 96 gallon bins so that you never have to see their ugliness again.

Peg Board Kitchen Storage Wall

Lacking cabinet space in your kitchen? This might be a great option for you! Not only is this a great option for storage, but can be used to make a fun statement on your wall! By simply drilling a peg board to your wall you create a great and fun space to decorate and store things!We want to help you DIY, so some of the materials in this post are linked to sellers. Just so you know, Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

New Kitchen Organizing Projects

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