faceted gold wood ornaments

Faceted Gold Wood Ornaments

We actually did 3 different types of ornaments in the video here, but we thought we'd focus in on the gold painted faceted wood ornaments in this tutorial. However, you can find all three types in the video and if you'd like a more detailed tutorial for one of the others just let us know :D

diy rolling pantry

DIY Rolling Pantry

Our friend Lisa moved into a new apartment with no pantry. The solution? Build a custom rolling pantry!

self watering concrete planter

Self Watering Concrete Planter

We can’t keep plants alive. So today we’re making a DIY concrete self-watering planter in the hopes that the plants will take care of themselves haha.

diy concrete letters

DIY Concrete Letters

We are kinda sorta obsessed with these little concrete letters. Mainly because a) they’re really easy to DIY because there’s no mold-making required, and b) leaving messages around the house is kinda awesome.

simple diy cutting board

Simple DIY Cutting Board

Making a cutting board is like a right of passage with woodworking. There are so many ways to make one, but we started simple. We used a single piece of wood to avoid needing 20 clamps and made it with a face grain instead of a side grain or edge grain.

how to patch large drywall holes

How to Patch Large Drywall Holes

Big holes in drywall (6”+ across) are a little tricky to tackle. They’re too big for a patch, so you’ll actually need to buy a panel of drywall and patch it with that. We’ll show you how!

ikea malm dresser hack

IKEA MALM Dresser Hack

We had two IKEA dressers that were looking kinda plain and giving off a “I got this for my first apartment” vibe. So, inspired by a West Elm dresser with knobs on the top drawer and pulls on the rest, we found $35 in hardware (per dresser) to give our dressers a little extra oomph.

diy marquee letters

DIY Marquee Letters

We built a set of DIY wood and metal marquee letters for our wedding a few years ago, and we love them so much we made another set for our workshop!

diy coat rack with magnets

DIY Coat Rack (with Magnets!)

Hey guys! Today we’re gonna walk through how to make an easy DIY entryway coat rack, magnetic key holder, organizer shelf…. DIY thing to put your stuff on when you walk through the door.

Evan and Katelyn
Evan and Katelyn
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