Kitchen Organizing Hacks: How to Effortlessly Declutter Your Space

Mitch Couch
by Mitch Couch

Are you tired of dealing with overcrowded cabinets and disorganized kitchen spaces? In this post, we'll share a collection of clever kitchen organization hacks that will transform the way you store your spices, garbage bags, knives, and snacks.

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These kitchen hacks offer practical and budget-friendly solutions to common kitchen storage challenges. By implementing these ideas, you'll be able to declutter your cabinets and improve accessibility to your essential items.

1. How to Make a Lazy Susan

Tired of digging through crowded cabinets when cooking? By using two cake pans from the Dollar store and a bag of marbles, you can create a functional and accessible spice storage solution that is perfect for storing all different types of condiments and seasonings.

Pouring marbles into the larger cake pan for DIY Lazy Susan

Pour the bag of marbles into the larger cake pan.

Smaller cake pan placed on marbles for DIY turntable

Place the smaller cake pan on top of the marbles and you now have your very own DIY turntable.

Spices and condiments organized on DIY Lazy Susan

This clever kitchen cabinet organizer idea is so easy to make. With a simple spin, your favorite spices will be at your fingertips, inspiring you to create delicious meals with ease.

How to organize garbage bags under the sink

Materials Needed:

2. Efficient Under-Sink Storage Systems for Garbage Bags

Transforming the messy and disorganized space under your kitchen sink doesn't have to be a daunting task. With this smart kitchen cabinet hack, you can create an efficient storage system specifically designed for your garbage bags.

Use the garbage bag roll to measure the length of the curtain rod

Grab a plastic curtain rod and your trusty garbage bags. Start by marking your desired length on the bag to ensure it fits neatly under the sink.

After marking the rod, carefully cut it

Carefully cut the rod at the mark.

Place the end back on to reseal the rod

Reattach the end piece to the plastic rod to reseal it.

Installing brackets for under-sink storage

Install brackets on the inside of your cupboard and install your roll of garbage bags.

Enjoy clutter-free under-sink space with easy access to neatly stored garbage bags

No more struggling with tangled bags or cluttered cabinets, this under-sink organization idea lets you enjoy a clutter-free cabinet by providing easy access to your garbage bags.

DIY knife organizers

Materials Needed:

3. Stylish knife display and storage solutions

Next, let's talk about knife storage. I have two space-saving knife storage techniques that combine style and practicality.

Supplies for DIY magnetic knife holder - wood strip and magnets

DIY Magnetic Knife Holder

To create your own space-saving knife storage masterpiece, you'll need a strip of wood and some magnets.

Use a Forstner bit to carefully create holes in the wood strip

Start by using a Forstner bit to create holes in the wood strip, deep enough so the magnets fit flush with the wood strip.

Place magnets in the holes and apply glue to the wood

Apply wood glue to the strip and firmly press another strip on top.

Secure the wood strips together using clamps

Use clamps to hold the pieces together while the glue sets and dries.

Mounted DIY magnetic knife holder with knives

Once dry, you're ready to mount the strip on the wall, effortlessly displaying your knives in a sleek and stylish manner.

Cut four equally sized pieces of scrap woo

Creative DIY Knife Holder

Say goodbye to dull knife blades caused by traditional knife blocks. I have an exciting kitchen storage hack that will revolutionize the way you store your knives.

Start by cutting 4 equally sized rectangular pieces of wood.

Assemble the wood piece to create a box

Use glue and a few brad nails to hold the pieces together to create a box.

Add a bottom piece to the box

Cut a bottom piece that fits snugly and allow the glue to dry for a couple of hours.

Add legs and sand the homemade knife holder

Once the glue has set, it's time to add legs and sand down the surfaces for a polished finish.

Inserting skewers into the DIY knife stand

But we're not done yet! The magic lies in the next step. Grab some skewers from your local Dollar store and cut them to the appropriate size. Insert the skewers into the box, ensuring they are evenly spaced.

Knives held securely in the handmade knife stand

Set your beloved blades inside, marveling at how perfectly they are held in place.

This unique knife storage alternative not only keeps your knives organized but also protects their sharp edges. By eliminating the risk of scraping against wood, your blades stay pristine and ready for action whenever you need them.

Messy snack storage bin

Materials Needed:

4. Simple Snack Organization Idea

When it's snack time, stop rummaging through bins for treats.

Install a shoe organizer to organize snacks

Install a shoe hanger on the back of your pantry door or cabinet using simple hooks.

Snacks organized neatly and easy to find

The shoe hanger provides easy and accessible snack storage keeping everything organized and within easy reach.

More Brilliant Kitchen Hacks

If you're looking to maximize the space under your sink and keep it clutter-free, check out this post on the Easiest Under the Sink Organizer Hack.

Kitchen Organization Hacks

I hope you found these kitchen organization hacks helpful and inspiring! Now it's time to put them into action and transform your kitchen into a well-organized space. Remember, small changes can make a big difference in how efficiently you work and enjoy your time in the kitchen.

I would love to hear from you! If you have any other kitchen hack ideas or tips that have worked wonders for you, please share them in the comments below. Let's create a community of kitchen enthusiasts who support and learn from each other.

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  • Patty Patty on Jun 13, 2023
    All good ideas. Why not screw the rod hanger into the door instead of a block? How dis you adhere the block?
  • Andrea Andrea on Oct 23, 2023
    Why do people put their knives in sharp side down? I would think this would dull them faster. I prefer to have the sharp edge up so it doesn't scrape against wood or storage material.
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  • Joyce Coon Joyce Coon on Jun 15, 2023
    Absolutely going to try the garbage bag idea 😊
  • Bryanna Bryanna on Jun 15, 2023
    I am actually using the shoe hanger idea in my pantry and behind a closet door. I used shoe hangers with the clear pockets on both so I could see what’s in each pocket. The pantry one has snacks for the kids and the closet one I used for medicine and medical supplies. Everything from bottles of peroxide and rubbing alcohol to band aides and wound care. Plus it’s in a locked closet so kids can’t get to it.