Smart Kitchen Counter Organizer Idea: How to Make a DIY Utensil Holder

Is your kitchen counter caught in a whirlwind of chaos with utensils scattered everywhere and hard to find when you need them?

In today's tutorial, I'll walk you through a straightforward and budget-friendly kitchen counter organizer idea. Together, we'll create a DIY utensil holder to transform that chaos into calm, making it a breeze for you to cook up a storm and tidy things away.

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Tools and Materials:

Before we jump into the exciting Dollar Tree craft idea, let's make sure we have everything we need:

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DIY kitchen organizer with Dollar Tree items

1. Gather Your Supplies

Head over to Dollar Tree and grab two bamboo cutting boards, four mason jars, and some rope.

Budget-friendly Lazy Susan kitchen caddy tutorial

Order a Lazy Susan on Amazon.

These affordable items will serve as the foundation for this creative DIY utensil holder.

Hot glue the cutting boards together

2. Secure the Cutting Boards

Using your trusty hot glue gun, attach the long edges of the bamboo cutting boards together.

Attach mason jars to cutting boards

3. Attach Mason Jars

Take your hot glue gun and attach the mason jars to the cutting board.

Dollar Tree kitchen hack Mason jar and bamboo organizer

Glue two jars, evenly spaced on both sides of the boards.

This gives you designated spaces for different kitchen essentials.

Inexpensive kitchen caddy using Dollar Tree products

4. Assemble the Lazy Susan

Next, get your Lazy Susan and glue the bottom of the mason jars and the bottom edge of the boards to the center of the Lazy Susan.

Upcycled cutting board and mason jar organizer

This step ensures you have easy access to all your utensils.

Wrap rope around the jars

5. Wrap it Up

With the structural elements in place, it’s time to decorate. Start wrapping the rope around the jars and boards in a circular fashion.

DIY kitchen organization using Dollar Tree materials

This not only secures everything but also gives your organizer a rustic, homemade feel.

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Affordable DIY kitchen organization project

Kitchen Counter Organizer Idea

And with that final touch of rope, your rustic utensil holder is ready.

Cheap and easy kitchen storage solution

Pop in all your cooking items for an organized culinary haven.

Step-by-step guide for Dollar Tree kitchen caddy

Now, it's time for your grand reveal—how did your DIY kitchen utensil holder turn out? Let us know how you made this uniquely yours in the comments down below!

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  • Nicholas Osantowski Nicholas Osantowski on Nov 20, 2023
    looks great. But not for me. I have a cheap plastic one and it gets dirty there’s no way to clean the rope and it can get moldy.
  • Amy Delmege Amy Delmege on Nov 22, 2023
    Great idea. Thanks for sharing! Love the rope! I have shelves with rope and little baskets with rope. Perfect match! thanks again!