Hutch Top Repurposed Into Dining Room Storage/Buffet

by Roni
My husband and I got a message from someone looking for a rustic storage piece for their dining room. She had specific dimensions she needed for her space, the main thing was it couldn't be too deep because the space was narrow. We looked through our stash and came across this old hutch top. I always liked this piece and knew someday we would make something unique out of it.
This piece was almost the perfect size except for the height. It was a few inches too high but my handsome hubby said he'd be able to shorten it a few inches...and here we go! :)
Now there are a few things we need to change about this. First thing is the height, it will also get a new backing on it, the rails on the shelves are going, the curvy part under the bottom shelf will be cut off, and the curvy part on the doors and the metal will be removed and chicken wire will be added to the doors. After all of that it will be painted white and distressed.

So, in this picture the top and moldings were removed, the back was removed and the sides need to be cut down.
The doors have been stripped of the curved wood and wire. Top rail on the shelf has been removed.
The top was cut down to size and a new top will be added. The wood that was on top of the rails is now attached to cover all of the holes from the little spindles. All other holes will be filled.
The painting has begun! The new top is on and stained. :)
The chicken wire was added to the doors and with minimal damage to hubby's fingers! lol
There's the stained wainscoting that will be put on the back. :)
The wainscoting is on and the back of it was painted.
Almost finished!
Well, here it is all finished and in it's new home. They're so happy with it!!! :)
Don't throw out your old hutch tops! With a few changes you can make it into something fabulous!!! Look at the before and after!

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