Make a long lounge with posts & cinder blocks

Slide long wooden posts through a few cinder blocks for relaxing outdoor space. Get tutorial here

Turn two blocks into house number planters

Put 2 outside your door for bright & cheery planters that also display your house number. Get tutorial here

Pile up blocks into an outdoor pizza oven

A makeshift pizza oven can be just the thing to bring your backyard parties over the top! Get tutorial here

Stack a few into a handy herb planter

Set pots of herbs inside the holes in your block tower, for instant aromatic charm. (Chandra @ Get tutorial here

Create a corner bench using wood posts

Square off a small area with this cinder block corner bench, to create a fire pit hangout. Get tutorial here

Use blocks to make an entire fire pit corner

Skip the wood posts and make everything you need out of stacked up cinder blocks. Get tutorial here

Use a few as planter garden borders

These hold plants and they hold plants in - perfect doubly-duty garden helper! Get tutorial here

Cover a cinder block bench for cozy seating

Add cushions to your bench to make taking a break a little more enjoyable. Get tutorial here

Build a private corner for backyard BBQ's

This sweet little spot is perfect for breaking up your backyard area and adding a quiet space. Get tutorial here