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Connie Hill
by Connie Hill
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After searching for the perfect piece for a client I spotted a 9 foot x 7 foot China Hutch in a local Flea Market. I knew that the Cathedral Glass doors would be coming off to accomplish the look she wanted. Waste not, Want not.....Perfect Doors for a Unicorn SPiT project.
China Hutch top with Cathedral Glass Doors
Perfect doors to try the Unicorn SPiT Stain Glass Technique.
Disassemble of China Hutch
So, I disassembled the the China Hutch removing the glass, cathedral insert and door frame.
Oh my, cleaning the thin glass with care.
Applying Modge Podge
With my trusty chip brush I brushed on the Modge Podge. Recalling how most Cathedral Stained Glass looks, I brushed the Modge Podge out going the length of the glass making sure I over lapped each stroke from one edge to the other.
Waiting for it to dry
Then the waiting begins for your Modge Podge to dry.....still waiting.....still waiting. What I did learn you need to put on a thinner coat of Modge Podge on and it will dry much quicker. Also, if you have areas that are thicker than other don't worry. You will be amazed at what happens in the thicker areas.
So many colors to choose from.
Pick your SPiT
Choosing your colors of SPiT can sometimes be the most difficult part of your project. I love every one of the 14 Colors. So for my first door I choose Purple Hill Majesty, Zia Teal, Blue Thunder and White Ning. Oh that smell....scent of Jasmine fills the air.
I really had planned to do the stained glass press and even placed my plastic over my SPiT. But, as I was trying to manipulate the SPiT I jerked off the plastic, spritz water on the SPiT and dove in with my bare hands blending the colors. After letting the SPiT dry I checked the glass by gentle lifting up to see how it look from the front side. Yes, I could see some areas that needed a little bit more SPiT. So I blended more in until I got the consistency I was wanting. Once you are satisfied with the blend you can seal your Unicorn SPit with Polyurethane or Lacquer. I like using Watco Lacquer on glass.
I had received some sample products from Cottage Paint Company so these were used for the framing of my glass. Checking out my color tones for the frame and cathedral insert. Black Cottage Paint in their Serenity line was used for the outer frame and insert. I love the Titanium Urban Paint in Metal also that I received to test from Cottage Paint that was used to highlight the edges of the inside of the frame. Once the frame was top coated and the cathedral insert done I could not wait to put it all together. Boy Howdy!!! I was not disappointed when I stepped outside to take my final picture....
If I can, anyone can create an Inspirational and Sophisticated Cathedral Stain Glass. A touch of beauty for your home using Unicorn SPiT Vibrant Gel Stains and Finish
Another variation
Colors chosen for the second stained glass included Molly Red Pepper, Phoenix Fire, Lemon Kiss and White Ning
Creating the right ambiance for a Shimmering Spiritual Atmosphere. Our second Cathedral Stained Glass is boldly done in tones of red, yellow and teal with accents of bronze metallic. The frame was painted with Feathered Nest from Heirloom Traditions Paint Company.
Remember me saying do not worry if you get the Modge Podge on to thick in some areas....This is the great look of veining that happens. You can layer another color over it to fill in and to give it depth.
Shimmering Spiritual Atmosphere
I will diffidently be working soon on the other two doors to create some more Shimmering Spiritual Atmosphere. Our second Cathedral Stained Glass was boldly done in tones of red, yellow and teal with accents of bronze metallic.
I cannot wait to get my hands on the last edition to the Unicorn SPiT Gel Stains. Just look at these fantastic new colors that just came out this past week!!!
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  • Ddd32185614 Ddd32185614 on Jan 13, 2018

    modge podge in matte or gloss?

  • Angela Schweppe Angela Schweppe on May 01, 2018

    Where do you get unicorn spit?

  • Chris Willrett Gleason Chris Willrett Gleason on Dec 24, 2018

    How do you do the "lead" lines so perfectly? These are beautiful! I have a side light on my front door &would love to do this. Also can you paint & use poly when the windows is cold out? Today it's 23 degrees here. Thank you!

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  • Denise Denise on Dec 11, 2018

    Beautiful but I’d love to have seen them all have the same colors and back on the china cabinet. Wouldn’t that be fun!

  • Connie Hill Connie Hill on Dec 12, 2018

    Our clients request was to have them removed and have the China Cabinet updated to match her decor. Below is a picture of the finished China Cabinet for our client.

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