DIY Wall Christmas Tree

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by Deborah | upgardening
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One of the easiest way to decorate your indoor space this Christmas on a budget is to create DIY crafts. Home craft ideas are so easy to make and fun to do than anything you can buy at the store because they are unique and of your own choice. Here I'm making DIY Wall Christmas Tree 🎄 hope you'll like it!!!

Step 1: Take a cardboard and with the help of a pencil draw a Christmas tree on it.

Step 2: Draw a Christmas tree as shown.

Step 3: Cut the cardboard in the shape of the Christmas tree drawn using cutter.

Step 4: Now stick a green crepe paper using glue.

Once done it will look something like this make sure not to stick any paper to the stem of the tree.

Step 5: Using the same paper fold it as shown making pleats.

And stick it in the middle using glue.

Step 6: Cut the paper into different sizes bigger ones at the bottom and smaller ones as we go up and start sticking from the bottom.

Step 7: Paint the stem of the tree brown I have used brown acrylic paint. And make a star using cardboard paint it with golden acrylic paint and stick it on the top of the tree as shown.

Finally the Christmas tree is ready add fairy lights to bring the glow and it's Ready.

You can add tiny Christmas tree hanging to make the Christmas tree more decorative.

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  • Glue   (
  • Crepe Paper   (
  • Cardboard   (
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