How to Make a DIY Gingerbread Village With Dollar Tree Items

8 Materials
2 Hours

Let's make a DIY gingerbread village using wooden arrows, a wooden plank, a few Christmas tree ornaments, and paint - all from Dollar Tree.

This budget-friendly gingerbread decor idea is perfect for a rustic and neutral-themed Christmas. Let's get started:

Six wooden arrows.

1. Make houses using wooden arrows

We'll begin this DIY project with six wooden arrows. Three tall and three short. Take one tall arrow and cut it in between the heights of the tall and short arrows to make a medium-sized one.

Time to paint.

2. Paint

We'll now paint them in a Waverly Chalk Paint in the color Hazelnut.

Sketching a design.

3. Add frosting designs

Using a paint marker, sketch your desired design. Have fun with swirls, dots, arches, mini arrows, etc...

Complete your designs.

Using a bottle of Tulip Slick or Puffy fabric paint, outline all your designs for a better texture to your houses.

Let's make it glisten.

4. Top with glitter

Using some Tulip Glitter Fabric Paint, do a thin coat all over the houses.

Creating the Base.

4. Repeat with a wood plank piece

Using a wooden plank, paint in the same manner as the houses.

Revamping Christmas Tree Ornaments.

5. Remove embellishments from cardboard ornaments

Using corrugated cardboard Christmas tree ornaments, soften the glue with a heat gun and remove all embellishments. Repair any tears with a bit of hot glue.

Creating designs on the trees.

6. Re-decorate the ornaments

Using some more of the slick paint, create designs similar to the houses and outline the trees.

Example of the decorated trees.

What a fun way to transform any cardboard Christmas ornament into a gingerbread theme.

Let's begin to build our village.

7. Build a gingerbread house

Placing the base down and using wood glue and hot glue, begin by placing the houses on the wood plank by height.

Securing the houses.

8. Secure with hot glue

Using some Tumbling Tower Blocks, secure each house on the back with hot glue.

Time to add the trees.

Using hot glue, adhere a tree on each side of the village. The third tree was not used.

DIY gingerbread village

DIY gingerbread village

Here's a picture of the final reveal. A neutral gingerbread village made of Dollar Tree supplies.

What do you think of this adorable DIY gingerbread village? Let me know in the comments below.

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Suggested materials:
  • 3 Tall Wooden Arrows   (Dollar Tree)
  • 3 Short Wooden Arrows   (Dollar Tree)
  • Waverly Chalk Paint in Hazelnut   (Walmart)
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