Another Fun Little Project With Unicorn Spit!

Michelle McCaughtry
by Michelle McCaughtry
10 Minutes
In between my "big" ideas I did a quick fun project with some ceramic tiles
Take a plain white 6x6 ceramic tile to start - I don't even remember why I bought these but there they were all lonely...
My Unicorn Spit colors
Molly red pepper, Phoenix fire, Zia Teal, Navajo jewel and White Ning
You can do whatever pattern you like - I did Molly in the middle as a dot, then phoenix fire, zia teal, navajo and then decided I didn't want the white...Nice thing about Unicorn spit - just wipe it off if you change your mind. Spritz your tile with a light mist of water.
Cut a small sheet from a drop cloth to cover your tile
The plastic will suck down onto the tile as the air moves out. Lightly spritz the plastic with a fine mist of water and then use your fingers to move the color around. I choose to go out from the center.

Once you have your desired look, grab each corner of your plastic and try to lift all 4 corners of the sheet together so the middle is the last to come off.
Seal with an couple of coats of an oil based sealer and there you have it! I'm going to put mine on either side of my kitchen sink. It's easy to put a picture sawtooth hanger on the back!
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