How To Create A Gorgeous Pansy Outdoor Planter In Four Easy Steps

I have to admit that I previously never paid attention to the pansy flower. I am not sure why. I guess it was because it never seemed to be showy enough compared to all of the other beautiful annuals available.
But something has happened to the lovely pansy flower in the past years in the gardening world. There seem to be new kinds that last longer throughout the growing season and they can tolerate the chillier weather. The pansy now seems to come in more brilliant colours with bigger and bolder petals. They also come in different varieties that were not available before making them very versatile.
I live in a Zone 3 area for gardening. That means that we can still get frost and yes… even snow into the middle of May. I love to garden and wanted to get my outdoor planters started for the front walkway even though it was still the beginning of April. I came across some hanging planters at Costco filled with trailing pansies. I decided to give them a try. When I brought them home and placed them in the black outdoor planters they looked lovely. But I felt they needed something more to make them look gorgeous. This is what I did….
Step 1

The pansies I bought are a new variety known as the Cool Wave®. As you can see my outdoor planter is filled with pansy blooms. They will fill up a garden bed if you want them to grow in a creeping pattern on the ground. Or they even grow as a trailing plant and are perfect for a hanging or a stand-alone planter. I snipped off the plastic hanger on each pot because I wanted them to fill my three outdoor planters located on the walkway up to the front porch.
Step 2

The purchased pansy pots seemed to get a bit lost in the outdoor planters. I placed an inverted clay pot purchased at the dollar store in each outdoor planter to have them sit a bit higher.
Step 3

Although the brightly coloured pansy flowers looked very pretty in contrast to the black outdoor planters I felt something else needed to be added to bring out the colours even more. I wrapped a purple ribbon around a grapevine wreath and secured it with a knot. I rested the grapevine wreath on the top of each outdoor planter. Then I placed the pot of pansies on top of the grapevine wreath.
Step 4

Next I inserted natural branches and mauve coloured branches into the center of each pansy pot. Just by adding some branches more height, texture, colours and interest were added to each pansy outdoor planter.
Now a pretty Cool Wave® pansy planter was made even more gorgeous just by adding some embellishments.

I invite you to stop by the blog to get some more information and tips for growing this gorgeous summer flower!
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