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Have you always wanted to know how to grow a garden but never took the plunge? Well you're in the right place. The Hometalk community of garden enthusiasts will get you started with all you need to know about growing everything, from cucumbers to roses, and all the materials, tools, and techniques in between. Happy gardening!

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Epsom Salt for Your Plants - Inside and Out

Did you know you could use Epsom salt for your outdoor plants and your houseplants? It says so right on the label!!

How to Grow a Pineapple at Home

If you want to enjoy pineapple year-round, consider growing a pineapple at home. This post will teach you how to grow a pineapple both indoors and outdoors so that you can enjoy the taste of summer all year round.

Turn Paper Towel Rolls Into Cheap, Biodegradable, Seed Starter Pots

I've been wanting to plant some seeds for a while now, and I thought of using paper towels. My only problem was that we don’t actually use too many paper towels in our house; I like re-washing our towels to be eco-friendly. So I had to get some from our friendly neighbors. Turning paper towel rolls into starter pots is a really great project. It’s practically free, it upcycles your paper towels, and it helps your garden flourish.

Heart Shaped Wildflower Seed Bombs

These 3 ingredient seed bombs are inexpensive and so easy to make. Simply toss them anywhere there is dirt... along the side of the road, in an open field etc. The next time it rains they will dissolve, and before you know it there will be a little more beauty in the world.

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