How to Landscape

Are you new to DIY landscaping and need some help getting started? We have the tools to guide you as you plan your landscaping project. Check out our top, best, and new landscaping projects, as well as our DIY tutorial videos, discussion boards, and slideshows. Join the Hometalk community of DIY landscapers and get ready to see results!

DIY Landscaping Design

Mark out high and low areas

Print out an aerial view of your property using Google Maps to help you establish where your high and low areas are.

Plan your layout

Plan around those high and low areas. Flowers that like damp conditions go in low areas and vice versa.

Map out your garden beds

Decide which garden beds to place where, by considering which plants prefer sunny and shady spots.

Add hardscaping

Pathways, walls, pavers, statues, ponds, and entertainment areas will add further depth to the garden.

Implement your design

Be willing to compromise in case you can't source the plants you had in mind. Visit your local nurseries and ask for advice.

Top Landscaping Projects

We have the top landscaping projects all ready for you right here. Check them out!

Landscaping Videos

Are you looking for landscaping video tutorials for tips and hacks? Look no more.

Backyard Redo

Wanted a little oasis of sorts as I am allergic to grass, this is what I did to my backyard.

Easy Way to Add a Garden Bed

Dreaming of a new flower bed but don't feel liking removing all that grass? Here's an easy and fast way to create a new bed without using chemicals.

Simple Garden Path

This is a simple wooden garden path that can be made with a few logs, a chain saw, some oil, and some time.

How to Make Grass Grow Fast & Fix Bald Spots

Here's a video and simple how-to instructions showing you how to make grass grow fast and fix bald spots in your lawn. It's been working great in my yard for years. The key is to let the seeds germinate in the saw dust or peat moss and to keep watering once spread on the bald spots until the grass takes hold. I use the fine saw dust from the table saw as the base, but peat moss works just as well.

New Landscaping Projects

Need some new DIY landscaping ideas? Check out our collection of projects here.

Browse Landscaping Projects

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