How to Grow Roses

Ready to get started with your rose garden but not sure where to begin? Let us help you figure out what you need to plan your next DIY rose growing project. We have the answers you need about when, how, and where to plant roses. Check out our top, best, and new projects for rosy inspiration, as well as our discussion boards and video tutorials.

How to Grow a Rose Bush

Buy growing supplies

To grow roses, you will need pruning shears, gloves, fertilizer, mulch, potting soil (or any preferred growing medium), and a spade.

Choose a prime spot

Provide your roses with a spot that gets six hours of sunlight per day. The soil's pH should be 6.3-6.8 and needs to be able to drain well.

Soak the roses’ roots

Prior to planting, soak the roots of the roses in water. They should stay submerged for a few hours before they are ready.

Dig a big enough hole

Dig the hole to plant your roses. To accommodate your roses’ roots, the hole should be around 18 inches deep and about the same across.

Create the correct soil mix

Mix the soil you removed to make the hole with compost or growing medium. Water your rose bush once a week in the summertime.

Top Projects for Growing Roses

Here you'll find the top rose growing projects we have to offer.

Roses Growing Videos

Looking for DIY video tutorials on how to grow roses? Look no further.

How to Build a Rose Garden

Just like most anything else, planning is the key to success with your garden. Part of the success with our Jackson & Perkins Trial Rose garden has been using custom built potting frames designed & built by Mr. Fox. We created this video so you can easily see how to make them. They can be preassembled now during the off-season in your workshop or garage and built in about 5 minutes so you are ready to install in the spring when its time to plant your roses, shrubs or even tomato plants. I know they can be built in 5 minutes because I timed the entire process from beginning to end. The potting frames allow you to easily access your plants for pruning, & staking the canes and containing any and all soil amendments you may add around your plants such as compost while keeping your mulch secure and in place. Its also blocks the wind from blowing your mulch all over the yard during these windy stormy seasons. The potting frames are also an excellent way to retain water. We set up our potting frames all secured with our irrigation system.

The Best Way To Feed Roses Organically & Naturally

Follow Nell at Joy Us garden Oh my beloved blooms, how I love roses ! This is one plant that does benefit from fertilizing. The best way to feed roses, in my humble horticultural opinion, is the way that I've done it for years. As you know, I always garden organically and naturally because I feel it's best for the plants and the earth in general. The hundreds of roses that I maintained as a professional gardener always stayed healthy and beautiful - a winning combo.

Kids Plant An 'Apricot Drift' Rose Bush

From a sea of roses the girls selected an 'apricot drift' rose bush for their Mom for Mothers Day to plant at home. Compact, colorful and a hardy rose this would make a good selection to make our flowers last.

Create A Rose Garden Color Pallette

People think in threes. This concept was explained to me by a famous psychologist. Based on this theory select three roses on the color palette that you love and you have a rose garden. Let's start a rose garden with great roses that are easy to find, & easy to grow, and fun to say the names: listen to the video! People love the sound of 'ChChing!' lol

New Rose Growing Projects

In search of new ideas for your rose garden? You've come to the right place.