How to Grow Vegetables

Have you been thinking about growing your vegetables but are not sure where or how to get started? Which vegetables grow best in which climates? Which vegetables are best suited for which season? Which vegetables are easiest to grow for a beginner? We've got you covered here with our projects, videos, discussion boards, and slideshows.

How to Grow Vegetables
Prepare a spot for planting the veg
Vegetables enjoy mild sunlight and fertile soil. Prepare for planting by removing weeds and mixing compost into the soil.
Sow your seeds at the right time
Some vegetables thrive in the winter months, for example asparagus, potatoes, celery, sweet peas, and herbs like lavender and rosemary.
Use a form of pest control
Natural pest control can be as effective as chemicals. Planting nasturtiums and marigolds can ward off the bugs that most commonly attack veg.
Use mulch for better soil
Mulch is dead leaves and hay, packed gently around the roots of plants. It helps to minimize water loss and encourages healthy soil microbes.
How to water your vegetable garden
Water your vegetable garden every second day if it’s hot outside. Otherwise, twice per week is fine provided you soak the soil thoroughly.
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