How to Grow Vegetables

Have you been thinking about growing your vegetables but are not sure where or how to get started? Which vegetables grow best in which climates? Which vegetables are best suited for which season? Which vegetables are easiest to grow for a beginner? We've got you covered here with our projects, videos, discussion boards, and slideshows.

How to Grow Vegetables

Prepare a spot for planting the veg

Vegetables enjoy mild sunlight and fertile soil. Prepare for planting by removing weeds and mixing compost into the soil.

Sow your seeds at the right time

Some vegetables thrive in the winter months, for example asparagus, potatoes, celery, sweet peas, and herbs like lavender and rosemary.

Use a form of pest control

Natural pest control can be as effective as chemicals. Planting nasturtiums and marigolds can ward off the bugs that most commonly attack veg.

Use mulch for better soil

Mulch is dead leaves and hay, packed gently around the roots of plants. It helps to minimize water loss and encourages healthy soil microbes.

How to water your vegetable garden

Water your vegetable garden every second day if it’s hot outside. Otherwise, twice per week is fine provided you soak the soil thoroughly.

Top Projects for Growing Vegetables

Look around our top vegetable how-to projects to get you growing your own veggies.

Vegetable Growing Videos

Looking for helpful vegetable gardening DIY video tutorials? Look no further!

Epsom Salt for Your Plants - Inside and Out

Did you know you could use Epsom salt for your outdoor plants and your houseplants? It says so right on the label!!

Re-grown Veggie Scraps

If you've seen any of my posts in the past regarding anything outdoors, I'm sure you already know that I'm not much of a gardener; however, I do try. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. What can I say, I'm the Jane of all trades with a brown thumb! I think my problem is that I "set it and forget it" (I know there was once an infomercial where the presenter said that often)--I plant the seed and I forget about watering it, or I overwater it. I'm hoping this little experiment I came across will prove to be a turning point in my gardening skills--at least it's super cute for now--and it's a great way to grow things in a small space!We want to help you DIY, so some of the materials in this post are linked to sellers. Just so you know, Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Tips for Harvesting Asparagus!

Asparagus is easy to grow requiring little care. Just follow these harvesting tips and you too can have a great asparagus patch.

YUM! Grow Mushrooms In Coffee Grounds

Do you know that it is super easy and fun to grow yummy mushrooms at home, in used coffee grounds and cardboard, indoors and outdoors in all seasons! Today I am excited to share with you our fun journey, with more tips and resources at the end!

New Vegetable Growing Projects

New vegetable gardening ideas and projects here. Grow your veggies right!

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