Asked on Apr 04, 2018

What do I feed my rhubarb to get thicker stems? Mine are mostly skinny

by Bar12887982
plants have some sun during the day-- if I plant more should they be in a sunny location ? Love strawberry rhubarb pie but I don't get a heavy harvest.

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  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Apr 04, 2018

    Hi Bardoug57,

    I found the following quote on the website listed below. "Be sure to mix compost, rotted manure, or anything high in organic matter in the soil. Rhubarb plants are heavy feeders and need this organic matter. Don't add a chemical fertilizer when planting rhubarb or during the first year of growth. Direct contact with nitrates can kill your rhubarb plants."

    Another part of the site says to stop harvesting if they stalks are thin. I hope this article helps you.

  • Essie Essie on Apr 04, 2018

    Here is a site that gives tips for growing thicker stemmed rhubarb:

  • Debbie Learman Debbie Learman on Apr 05, 2018

    Hi. I LOVE Rhubarb! I’ve had rhubarb, in my yard, for many may not realize this, but, to cooking/baking my own recipe for Sour Cream Rhubarb pie....I prefer the thinner stalks....(thinner usually means product from a younger plant)...have you seen big fat asparagus and the thinner asparagus? They both taste the same! The best advice for growing Rhubarb, comes from Jerry Baker...the Gardening Guru. ( ) ...absolutely the best! His all natural tonics...cannot be beat! He suggests planting the rhubarb tubers on the NE side of your house/shed/barn .