How to Grow Tomatoes

Ready to grow tomatoes but need help getting started? Let Hometalk guide you with your garden, supplies, and technique. We have the best projects, discussion boards, and video tutorials to get your feet wet in the world of tomato gardening. Before you know it, you'll be picking some delicious red tomatoes from your very own garden.

Grow Your Own Tomatoes

Prepare a fertile bed

Home-grown tomatoes are flavorful, but they are heavy feeders. Offer them rich and fertile soil in order to flourish.

Germinate your seeds on cotton wool

Germinate the seeds from a tomato by placing the seeds on wet cotton wool. Do not to disrupt the gel membrane around the seed.

Plant the sprouted seeds

The sprouted seeds can be planted once they start to show leaves. Plant them into seedling trays before moving them to the garden.

Plant your tomato seedlings

Plant your seedlings once they show a thickened stem. Plant them with legumes to replace the nitrogen tomatoes drain from the soil.

Ongoing care for tomatoes

Tomatoes respond well to fertilizer. If your plant starts turning brown, it may be getting too much sun.

Top Projects for Growing Tomatoes

Here are the top tomato projects on Hometalk. Get ready to grow your own.

Tomato Growing Videos

Check out the DIY video tutorials on how to grow your own juicy tomatoes.

How to Start Heirloom Tomatoes From Seeds

I like to grow heirloom tomato varieties, they just seem to have so much more flavor. And start the plants from seeds and watch the miracle of life develop.

Spotlight: Paul Nelson Quite a Gardener Quite a Man

I was introduced to this very interesting man with quite a sense of humor a few years ago on Facebook, through Leo Windham another friend. He said ,"Paul is quite a character and he starts his posts with the words "Hellfire"." Paul in turn has introduced me to so many dear friends that I have yet to meet. I feel as though I know them all and each is special. He draws interesting people around him and shares with all. It is amazing that one man can attract so many good people and share such love that we all know it! He brightens each day for us! Join me now as I showcase this special man, his family and his love of gardening! I mentioned that Paul likes to make what he calls 'Country Hellfire Quotes'. I will share some of them here today throughout this post.

Training Tomato Plants With Rope

My husband has constructed raised beds for our backyard garden and we use rope to train the tomato plants instead of tomato cages. I have used cages in the past, but they get ruined and really I just don't like them much. So we found an alternative by using ropes hung from a beam above the plants to train them.

Epsom Salt for Your Plants - Inside and Out

Did you know you could use Epsom salt for your outdoor plants and your houseplants? It says so right on the label!!

New Tomato Growing Projects

Looking for some new ideas to get your tomato garden going? Check out these projects.