How to Plant Succulents

If growing your own succulents is what you're after, you've come to the right place. The succulent page at Hometalk is a great place to gather ideas and tips to set up your own DIY succulent garden. Check out our top, best, and new projects, as well as our video tutorials and discussion boards. Happy succulent planting!

5 Tips for Growing Succulents
Never overwater succulents
In nature, succulents are desert dwellers. They enjoy long periods of drought followed by intense rain. Water them well, once monthly.
Succulents love sunlight
Succulents need a generous amount of sunlight daily - at least six hours. Your plants stretching out is a sign they need more sunlight.
Succulents require fertilizer
In their natural environment, succulents enjoy many minerals from the soil. In your home, they rely on you to provide them with plant food.
Give succulents fresh air
Succulents prefer fresh air, but beware of draughts; these very particular plants need just the right balance.
The perfect soil for succulents
Succulents require very well-drained soil. They do not tolerate wet roots. Add some river sand in their potting soil.
Top Projects for Growing Succulents

Top succulent growing projects will inspire you to start your own succulent garden.

Succulent Growing Videos

Has growing succulents got you stumped? Check out DIY video tutorials for guidance.

Your Guide to Making a DIY Succulent Planter From an Old Frying Pan

Over the course of this step-by-step tutorial, I’ll be guiding you through the very simple process of transforming an old frying pan into a unique and beautiful succulent planter. I used a pan with handles for my planter but when making yours, feel free to just use this guide for succulent planter ideas as it’s just as easy to make a succulent wall planter.The whole process for this DIY project is quite simple, but there are many little tips and tricks that I found while crafting my succulent planter. I have included all of the additional tips in this guide to help you make your best succulent planter.In my project, I've attached some feet to make it a stationary ornament that I can place outside. Use my method to inspire your succulent planter ideas, as you might find that it looks best in your kitchen or with a hanger to become a succulent wall planter. Either way, by following these steps, you’ll end up with a great-looking planter for your succulents and perhaps other plants too.

How to Craft a Cute Mosaic Cookie Tin Planter For Succulents

When this season rolls around I often get a lot of Christmas cookie tins from friends, and I’m always looking for ways to turn them into DIY projects.I already used one for storing sewing supplies (and nothing says disappointment in a kid's face like opening up a cookie tin to find craft supplies, am I right?).So I came up with this lovely project to repurpose the tins into lovely mosaic succulent planters.

DIY Cute Jute Bag Planter

Some beautiful succulents can compliment an old jute bag beautifully. Check out this video to see how I turn a old jute bag into a planter as a gift for a friend or read the step by step guide below to make one for yourself .

New Succulent Growing Projects

Need some new succulent growing and gardening ideas? You're in the right place.