How to Plant Succulents

If growing your own succulents is what you're after, you've come to the right place. The succulent page at Hometalk is a great place to gather ideas and tips to set up your own DIY succulent garden. Check out our top, best, and new projects, as well as our video tutorials and discussion boards. Happy succulent planting!

5 Tips for Growing Succulents

Never overwater succulents

In nature, succulents are desert dwellers. They enjoy long periods of drought followed by intense rain. Water them well, once monthly.

Succulents love sunlight

Succulents need a generous amount of sunlight daily - at least six hours. Your plants stretching out is a sign they need more sunlight.

Succulents require fertilizer

In their natural environment, succulents enjoy many minerals from the soil. In your home, they rely on you to provide them with plant food.

Give succulents fresh air

Succulents prefer fresh air, but beware of draughts; these very particular plants need just the right balance.

The perfect soil for succulents

Succulents require very well-drained soil. They do not tolerate wet roots. Add some river sand in their potting soil.

Top Projects for Growing Succulents

Top succulent growing projects will inspire you to start your own succulent garden.

Succulent Growing Videos

Has growing succulents got you stumped? Check out DIY video tutorials for guidance.

Repurpose an Old Toolbox Into a Planter for Succulents

During a recent trip to Goodwill, I bought an old scratched up toolbox for $1.99 and repurposed it into a planter for faux succulents. I used faux succulents because I’m using this in the basement family room where I’d forget to water and maintain the plants.

How to Recycle a Rusty Pan to a Succulent Pot in a Pot InstaChallenge

One of my favorite tags to follow on Instagram is the hashtag succiepotinapot. The people in this challenge are so creative. I have had two galvanized chicken water pans sitting in my yard rusting away for quite some time. I didn’t know what to do with them. I researched cleaning the rust off but these were really rusty. Honestly, several times I just about trashed them but I guess I knew one day, I would come up with a solution and a new use for these two pans. Are you holding onto something that you just know someday you will be glad you kept it but right now it sure looks like trash? I turned to Hometalk to see who had battled rust and won and I found a woman who used rust reformer on her patio furniture and thought “that’s it” and I went out and bought some.

Mini Succulent Planter

I love coming up with waste material craft ideas. Recycling materials and trash to treasure projects are not only good for the environment, but they’re also free craft supplies too. This simple mini succulent planter is made out of a tin can and succulent cuttings. It looks super cute and would make an adorable little succulent favour or gift.

Eggshell Mini Succulent Garden

I simply adore succulents and after I did my project "Succulent Wine Cork Magnets" I decided to do another. Being that the succulents I chose were mini, I kept in mind that I would probably be putting them in the some small container like eggshells. Yes, eggshells. If you’re looking for some repurposing ideas this would be the perfect idea for you. These easy, eco-friendly and look so cute. Bring some greenery into your life with these beautiful eggshell mini succulent garden which is also a perfect Easter decor.

New Succulent Growing Projects

Need some new succulent growing and gardening ideas? You're in the right place.

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