Hanging Ladle Planters: A Charming DIY for Your Garden

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With the sun shining, it’s the perfect time to get our fingers green and dive into a cute and super easy project that will give your outdoor (or indoor) space a unique touch.

Today, we’re transforming old ladles into gorgeous hanging succulent planters.

Let’s get started!

Tools and Materials:

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1. Prepare Your Plants and Ladles

First things first, soak the rootballs of your succulents for about 10 minutes. This ensures the potting mix is nice and wet, giving your plants a good start.

How to plant succulents in ladles

2. Add Soil

Place a handful of potting mix in the bottom of each ladle, and add a little gravel to improve drainage.

It’s important to choose ladles with a generous cup size so the succulent roots have plenty of room to spread out.

DIY ladle planter

It is also helpful if the ladle has a hook on the end, this will make it much easier to hang.

Step-by-step succulent planting in ladles

3. Plant the Succulents

Carefully take one of the larger succulents from its pot. Remove some excess potting mix to reduce the size of the rootball, then plant it in the ladle.

Next, add the smaller succulents. You can break off smaller bits from larger plants, and plant them around the larger succulents. Press down the potting mix to secure them.

Fill in any gaps with more potting mix and firm it in place so the plants won’t move.

Add a sprinkling of gravel to the surface of the potting mix to help retain moisture.

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4. Watering and Aftercare Tips

Succulents are hardy and can withstand dry conditions, but remember to check the potting mix regularly.

Water the ladles when they are very dry, allowing any excess water to drain off.

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Turn Your Ladles into Hanging Succulent Planters

By reusing old ladles and planting succulents, you not only give your garden a bit of charm but also add a personal, eco-friendly touch to your greenery.

Let us know how your hanging ladle planters turned out and share your experiences and photos in the comments.

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