How to Create a Stunning Wall of Succulents With Dollar Tree Finds

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Are you longing to infuse your space with a touch of botanical enchantment? Look no further!

Today you will discover the artistry of this delightful pool noodle craft that combines a creative use for succulent picks to achieve a breathtaking "Wall of Succulents" elegantly framed.

With its unique and captivating appeal, this project offers budget-friendly DIY decor with Dollar Tree supplies but achieves a sophisticated and upscale look.

This post was transcribed by a member of the Hometalk editorial team from the original HometalkTV episode.

Get ready to elevate your home decor to new heights with this enchanting and effortless DIY endeavor, where your imagination can soar and your space can bloom with natural beauty!

Tools and Materials:

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Artificial succulent wall decor

1. Prepare the frame for your wall of succulents

I have this vintage oil painting here, which was actually my grandmother's. 

Make room for the pool noodles by removing the painting and mat from the frame

To begin, I removed the matte border around the frame and took out the oil painting. This will provide a blank area within the frame for the succulent wall planter. 

Transform the frame with a coat of metallic gold paint for a chic and stylish finish

2. Paint the frame in your preferred color

Paint the succulent frame to give it a new look. I was aiming for a full gold finish, so I used DecoArt metallic paint.

I added a quick layer of paint to the frame. This created my desired look and I think it makes the succulents in the picture frame stand out.

Use a pool noodle as a guide to measure and cut it to the length for fitting inside the frame

3. Cut and insert the pool noodles

Next, we will do some DIY with pool noodles and create a base for our faux succulent wall art.

Start by flipping the frame over. This will allow you to work on the backside of the frame where the pool noodles will be placed.

Take a pool noodle and use it as a guide to measure the width inside the frame. This will help you determine the appropriate length for each pool noodle.

Pool noodle crafts

With an X-Acto knife, carefully cut the pool noodle at the determined length. Make sure the cut piece fits snugly into the small ledge of the frame.

Split pool noodle in half

Now, cut the pool noodle piece in half. This will give you two sections to work with.

Insert half-cut pool noodles into the frame

Glue the cut pool noodle halves into the frame, ensuring that the curved side is facing outward, while the cut side is against the frame.

DIY with pool noodles

Repeat this process until you have enough pool noodle pieces to completely fill the frame.

It's important to allow the glue to set and the pool noodles to settle in for approximately six hours before you proceed to the next step.

Glue an MDF board to the back of the frame and pool noodles

5. Create a backing for your artificial succulent wall decor

Once the pool noodles are fully set, it's time to add a backing to your Dollar Tree succulent craft. 

Take a piece of thin MDF paneling, and attach it to the back of the frame using hot glue and a mixture of E6000 adhesive. 

Succulent frame

Apply some pressure, and press the board onto the pool noodles until the hot glue sets. 

Budget-friendly DIY decor with Dollar Tree supplies

Flip the frame over, and ensure the placement of the pool noodles is perfect, making any necessary adjustments. 

Green fabric stapled to the back of the frame for a neat and polished appearance

To give a polished finish, enclose the back of the frame with green fabric, securing it by stapling it around the edges. 

Glue a variety of moss types onto the pool noodles to add texture

6. Create a rustic and chic art piece with succulents and moss

Now it's time to transform the project into a captivating live art piece. 

Begin by incorporating various types of moss, such as reindeer moss and Spanish moss, to add texture and a range of green and brown colors. Carefully glue the moss onto the pool noodles, ensuring they are nestled in between. 

Arrange and insert succulent picks between the pool noodles

Once the frame is filled with moss, it's time to introduce the succulent picks from the dollar store.

Trim them down, apply hot glue to the edges, and carefully insert them between the pool noodles. The stems of the succulents will snugly fit between the noodles. 

Live wall art with pool noodles

Keep adding the faux succulents until you achieve your desired look for your art piece.

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Completed succulents in a picture frame project

Succulent Plant Picture Frame Tutorial

I'm thrilled with the results of this framed wall of succulents—it's simply stunning! 

This delightful DIY project beautifully combines the natural world with artistic flair, allowing you to unleash your creativity in countless ways. 

You have the power to make it uniquely yours—experiment with different frame styles and colors, arrange the succulents in various patterns, or even add a touch of vibrant hues to the moss. The possibilities are truly endless! 

I would love to see your magnificent creations, so please don't hesitate to share them in the comments below. I'm also eager to hear your thoughts on this succulent wall idea.

Let's keep the conversation blooming!

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