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Have you seen them half barrel looking planter pots at Dollar Tree? Here is a super simple and EASY home decor DIY anyone can make.

I also think this DIY would look beautiful as some Rustic Wedding decor.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial as much as I enjoy sharing it with you. icon

First you will need 2 of the half Barrel flower pots from Dollar Tree.

I used my scissors to cut out a hole in the bottom of one of the flower pots.

It does cut very easy.

The hole depends on how many florals you would like to put in it. The hole does not need to be very big.

I used my hot glue gun and glued a piece of the Dollar Tree floral foam to the bottom inside the flower pot, covering over the hole that is cut into the pot.

The floral foam is so that when you add your flowers they stand straight up and not fall to the side.

After that the next steps are super simple. First i used my hot glue gun and added hot glue around the bottom of one of the barrels and simply placed it on top of the other barrel flower pot making it look like one whole barrel.

I absolutely think this barrel is cute just as is!

But the possibilities to jazz it up are almost endless.

Now you can use any florals or greenery you would like. Just poke them into the hole with the floral foam at the top of the barrel.

At the top of the barrel underneath the flowers, I hot glued some of the Dollar Tree Spanish Moss. I felt like this also gave it more of a Rustic touch.

Next I used some Dollar Tree Fairy lights. However I have found some amazing Fairy Lights on Amazon that are way longer, has the very small battery pack and are under $1 each.

I bought a pack of 32 10ft 30 LED lights for only $29. You can get them in smaller quantities as well.

Here is that link if you are interested

Weave the Fairy Light throughout the florals.

Then I just simply hot glued the battery pack to the back of the Barrel underneath were the florals are so that wont be seen but easily accessible.

And DONE! How simple was that?!? I LOVE how this turned out. And like I said before, I could so see this a Centerpiece for a Rustic wedding. But as for me I just have it next to our fireplace. (Don't worry its not to close)

I love when we have guests and they ask where I got it from and I can say "I made it" and you should see the look on their faces.

Thank you for checking out my content.

If you would like to see video tutorials on my DIY projects check out my TikTok or Instagram @Gleespen_Designs.

If YouTube is more your thing, don't worry I have you covered. Here is my YouTube channel as well.

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Suggested materials:
  • Half Barrel Flower pots   (Dollar Tree)
  • Floral Foam   (Dollar Tree)
  • Fairy Lights   (Amazon)
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