1. DIY tin can candle holder

Create a pretty sunflower-print candle holder with this easy DIY project using upcycled tin cans and Dollar Tree items.

Clean and paint the tin can, then adhere a sunflower-printed napkin using Mod Podge. Stuff the can with plastic shopping bags to prevent landfill waste. Decorate the holder with jute ribbon and seal the top with a caulk and glue mixture.

Add an electric votive or flame candle to complete the beautiful candle holder, perfect for any season and a great addition to farmhouse decor. Enjoy this eco-conscious and stylish home decor piece! Get tutorial here

2. Solar light lantern

Learn how to create a stunning fall decor piece for your front porch with this DIY solar lantern tutorial. Grab a vase and pail from Dollar Tree, and cover the vase with frosted glass spray paint.

Glue the vase to the pail and add ribbon to cover the seam. Decorate with fall leaves and berries, then fill the vase with white rocks.

Separate a Dollar Tree solar light and insert the top into the rocks. Once charged, you'll have a beautiful decorative solar lantern perfect for your porch this fall.  Get tutorial here

3. Wastebasket scarecrow

Next, Chloe shows us how to create an adorable scarecrow using a Dollar Tree wastebasket and other inexpensive items from Dollar Tree.

Thread large black buttons in an "X" pattern for the eyes and secure them with twine through the wire mesh. Glue two pumpkin faces together for the nose and add it to the scarecrow's face. Attach a felt bat smile below the eyes. Use raffia bundles to create a straw look for the hair.

Complete the scarecrow with a hat, fall ribbon, and yarn pumpkins for a cute fall home decor piece. Get tutorial here

4. DIY wine barrel planter

Here's how to make a beautiful wine barrel fall planter using Dollar Tree half-barrel flower pots. Cut a hole in one pot and add floral foam at the bottom to support the flowers. Stack the two pots together with hot glue to create the barrel shape.

Decorate with florals and greenery of your choice, and add Dollar Tree Spanish Moss for a rustic touch. Weave fairy lights throughout the florals and hot glue the battery pack to the back of the barrel.

The finished project makes for a gorgeous fall centerpiece or home decor item, perfect for rustic weddings or everyday use. Get tutorial here

5. 3D rope pumpkin

This project by Kimberley involves creating a 3D pumpkin wreath using Dollar Tree products. The main item is a 3D wreath form, which is wrapped with Dollar Tree Nautical Rope. Metal pieces are used to secure the rope, and a Styrofoam wreath is used as the stem of the pumpkin.

Additional decorative elements, like orange, pumpkin-scented battery-operated candles and jute cord, are added to complete the fall vibe. The finished product is a unique and year-round decorative piece that resembles a fall pumpkin. Get tutorial here

6. Fall boho wreath

This project is a Dollar Tree hack to create a boho-style wreath for fall. Using a wire wreath form, ropes, and raffia from Dollar Tree, you can make a beautiful and inexpensive home decor piece.

Simply loop and weave the ropes and raffia around the wreath form, then brush to even it out. Hang the finished wreath in your entryway or any spot in your home for a lovely fall decoration. Get tutorial here

7. Outdoor fall cushions

This DIY project by Melanie involves making outdoor fall cushions using tote bags from the Dollar store. By removing the tote bag straps and stuffing them with packing peanuts, you can create durable and weather-resistant cushions.

The process is quick and easy, and the finished cushions add a perfect touch to fall decor. Get tutorial here

8. DIY jute wreath

This wreath project was created using Dollar Tree items, except for the "H" letter and the final bow. The wreath was made by weaving decorative rope around a metal wreath frame from Dollar Tree.

After completing the wreath, Georgia added a painted "H" letter and a buffalo check ribbon bow for a finished look. The project turned out great, and you can use leftover materials for future decorations. Get tutorial here

9. Halloween spider wreath

Knelso18 visited the dollar store to buy wrapping paper but ended up inspired to make two Halloween wreaths. They bought ribbon, felt ties, and a wreath, spending only $6 for each wreath.

The process involved cutting and tying ribbons to the wreath frame, adding a spider centerpiece, and decorating with flowers and beads. The final result was impressive and perfect for Halloween party decor! Get tutorial here

10. Witch's hat wreath

This tutorial by Debi demonstrates how to transform a Dollar Tree witch hat into a charming scarecrow hat for fall. You'll need some mesh, garland, and other decorations from Dollar Tree.

The steps involve unraveling the witch hat garland, wrapping the hat with mesh, creating bow ties, and adding final touches like a bow and straw. Decorating your door for the fall season doesn't have to be expensive, and this project encourages creativity and fun. Get tutorial here

11. Harvest candy scarecrows

This project involves making adorable scarecrow candy treats using items from Dollar Tree. Stacy got the idea from a magazine and has been making them for years as a fall tradition. The scarecrows are made using candy and raffia, and the low-temp glue gun makes assembly easier.

The scarecrows can be personalized with faces using puffy paint, and additional foam stickers and googly eyes can be used for extra fun. It's an inexpensive and enjoyable craft to celebrate the fall season. Get tutorial here

12. Trash can centerpiece

This DIY tutorial demonstrates how to transform a wire trash can from the Dollar Store into a lovely fall centerpiece.

By attaching floral foam and chicken wire, you can build a fall arrangement using faux flowers, pumpkins, and leaves. Adding bittersweet vine further enhances the decoration.

The project is budget-friendly and results in a beautiful Thanksgiving tablescape centerpiece. Get tutorial here

13. DIY pumpkin kissing ball

Learn how to create a stunning fall decor ball using faux pumpkins from Dollar Tree. Remove pumpkin stems, spray-paint them white and green, then reattach the stems with silver nickel paint. Create a tunnel in a styrofoam ball and insert floral wire to hang the pumpkin ball.

Glue the pumpkins onto the styrofoam ball, adding succulents and filling gaps with moss. Finish by attaching a ribbon, and you'll have a beautiful pumpkin kissing ball perfect for fall decor. Get tutorial here

14. Scarecrow face wreath

Here's how to create a cute scarecrow face wreath using a pumpkin wreath frame from Dollar Tree and a burlap sack.

Cut and attach the burlap to the frame, then add black twine following the pumpkin sections. Make the scarecrow's hat using foam board, black felt, and raffia for the hair. Cut facial features from black and orange felt and sew around the nose.

Decorate the hat with fall fabric, flowers, leaves, and ribbon. Assemble everything with hot glue to complete the adorable DIY scarecrow wreath. Get tutorial here

15. DIY fall pillow

Sun shows us how to create a simple and easy fall pillow using Dollar Tree items. Glue together a black and white checkered placemat with a plain placemat, leaving one side open, and insert a pillow. Close the open side with hot glue or use clothespins to secure it.

Optionally, add tassels and wooden beads using cotton yarn and a wooden beaded garland from Dollar Tree to enhance the farmhouse-style fall decor piece. Get tutorial here