1. Concrete pumpkins

First up, Diana shows us how to create concrete pumpkins using cheap plastic treat pumpkins as molds. Mix hypertufa-concrete with peat moss, perlite, and cement color additive for a unique finish.

Once the mixture is thick, fill the pumpkins, add railroad spikes as stems, and let them dry for a few days. Remove the plastic molds, and you'll have charming pumpkins perfect for both Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations. Get tutorial here

2. DIY pumpkin topiary

Learn how to create your own inexpensive DIY outdoor pumpkins using trash bags, newspaper, and tape. Follow The Stonybrook House's special paper mache recipe for added durability and paint them to give them a realistic look.

Add fall leaves and decorations for a bright and cheerful finish that can withstand cold and wet weather.  Get tutorial here

3. Roof wind turbine pumpkins

Discover a creative repurposing idea using roof wind turbines to make unique pumpkin decorations. Vicki repainted and adorned them with crooked stick stems and fall leaves to give them a rustic look.

The pumpkins are set to mark a future pumpkin patch, and she hopes to find more to decorate her front walkway in time for fall. Get tutorial here

4. DIY mercury glass pumpkin centerpiece

Create a stunning fall centerpiece with this DIY mercury glass pumpkin vase. Using a glass pumpkin jar, mirror spray paint, Mod Podge, and food coloring, you can achieve a beautiful crackled color finish.

Add fresh flowers for a captivating centerpiece suitable for fall holidays and beyond. The tutorial provides easy-to-follow steps, making it an enjoyable project to elevate your home decor. Get tutorial here

5. DIY fabric pumpkins

Learn how to create your own charming fabric pumpkins with this simple DIY tutorial. Using fabrics like ticking stripe and drop cloth, trace and sew a circular shape with upholstery thread, then stuff with batting. Use jute twine to create sections and add burlap leaf accents with a hot glue gun.

Finish by attaching a small stick as the stem. Experiment with different fabrics and colors to personalize your adorable pumpkins for a delightful fall decor that can be enjoyed throughout the season. Get tutorial here

6. Paper plate fall pumpkin arrangement

Next, Shelly demonstrates how to create a charming and budget-friendly fall table centerpiece using paper plates, an empty bottle, and flowers. Glue two paper plates together, fold them in half for a 3D effect, and attach them to the bottle to create a pumpkin shape.
Spray paint the arrangement orange, add a pumpkin stem, and fill it with flowers. This fun and easy DIY project is perfect for Thanksgiving, Halloween, or as a farmhouse table centerpiece, and you can get creative with different decorations and colors. Get tutorial here

7. Dollar Tree splatter screens pumpkin

Here's how to create a chic and modern pumpkin decoration using Dollar Tree splatter screens and various crafting materials.

Paint and assemble the splatters to form the pumpkin shape, securing them with wire. Add decorative elements like foam sheets, flowers, and mesh tube to personalize the pumpkin's appearance.

This budget-friendly and creative DIY project allows for customization and is perfect for fall home decor. Get tutorial here

8. Wood slice pumpkins

In this DIY project, Donna shares how to make rustic wood slice pumpkins using wood slices from cut-down trees.

Cure and dry the slices in the oven, then paint the centers with orange paint. Add decorative details like twine, burlap, faux fall leaves, and raffia ribbon using a hot glue gun. These charming pumpkins can be displayed individually or incorporated into a fall wreath. Get tutorial here

9. Lidded primitive pumpkin

Create a lidded primitive pumpkin using a plastic pumpkin, chalk paint, craft paint, Mod Podge, and a wood round.

Paint the plastic pumpkin with chalk paint, distress it with burnt umber craft paint and cinnamon for a rustic look. Paint and distress the wood round, then drill a hole for the rope handle. Tie the rope, attach the lid, and you have a charming fall decor piece.

It can be used for candy or as a vase for flowers. Get tutorial here

10. Stuffed fabric pumpkins

Learn how to make stuffed fabric pumpkins in various colors and styles. Use a wood circle as a pattern, cut out the fabric, and fill it with polyester filling.

Gather the fabric at the top and tie it off with a rubber band, creating a pumpkin shape. Add fabric strips to cover the rubber band, tie a bow, and glue a decorative knob as the stem.

You can customize each pumpkin with different knobs or spindles for a unique touch. The possibilities are endless, and these fabric pumpkins make charming decorations for Halloween or any occasion. Get tutorial here