How to Hide a Sump Pump in a Small Family Room

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We had a dilemma in our small family room (den). We had a sump pump in the corner. So, to maximize the room's storage space and hide the sump pump, we created a game storage cabinet. Follow along and check out how we made it.

This is the sump pump we were hiding

As you can see, we made a box around the entire sump pump with 2 x 6 inch pressure-treated wood. This went all the way to the wall and attached there.

Piping for Sump Pump had to be hidden too

We had to hide this as well. To create stability, we cut the box top into two sections. The back section was screwed to the 2 x 6s inch. The front section was removable to access the sump pump. (See the image before this one.)

Instead of building a cabinet, we bought one

Instead of building a cabinet, we bought a vanity cabinet in white that was open in the back. This cabinet was super cheap.

Create a shelving unit with a cross beam

We made a shelving unit the wide of the box at the bottom. This will be against the wall. NOTE: The top of this unit is open to access the water line in the drop ceiling.

Add the cabinet to the book shelf unit

We removed the doors and added the cabinet to the unit we made. It was then attached with screws to hold the two pieces together.

The inside of the cabinet in place

This photo is what the cabinet looked like when the doors were attached to the bookcase.

Anchor to the wall added deep shelves

We anchored it to the wall and added deep shelves so we would not have a gap.

Painted the inside and outside of the cabinet

We then painted the cabinet white. We used white gloss paint, and it helped match the cabinet front. Caulked up the seams to make sure it looked uniformed.

We added our photo albums to the under cabinet

The lower cabinet holds the photo albums for the family. If we need to see the pipe, we can move the albums.

Games are in the top cabinet

We added games to the top of the cabinet and filled it in. This is before I made the curtains. 

I also made a cushion and a pillow to hide the sump pump top. It helped muffle the sound when it turns on. I used thick foam and home fabric from the craft store.

Storage cabinet
Created curtains to hide the games

I made curtains with 1 thick room darkening curtain and used 2 pressure rods (small) to hold the curtains in place.

Note: we have a drop ceiling so the ceiling is only 7.5 feet high. So, we did not need to get wood longer than 8 feet.

We added a piece of 1 x 1 inch strip and glued it to the left side cabinet in the picture above. It filled in the gap. We caulked it and painted it white to finish off the cabinet. What do you think?

Visit our the rest of this wall transformation in the link below.

Suggested materials:
  • 4- 24 inch x 1 inch sheets of wood 8 feet   (2 x 6 2 - 8 foot pieces of wood)
  • 2 x 2 pieces 8 feet   (5 inch height molding for top)
  • Wood glue   (Screws)
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