1. Easter egg topiary

This gorgeous DIY Easter egg topiary by Chloe Crabtree is a real showstopper. She stuck together giant plastic eggs from Michael's to create this pretty pastel porch decor.

The colorful eggs are threaded on a dowel, which is stuck in styrofoam hidden by moss. Then, the topiary is adorned with faux spring flowers and foliage for a spring feel. Get tutorial here

2. Easter peeps wreath

Next up is this Easter peeps wreath by Rob & Courtney M. They used real Easter marshmallow peeps (bunnies and eggs, obviously), and covered them in Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac to preserve them.

They created the wreath frame using a pool noodle covered in Easter basket filler. Then, it was just a matter of hot-gluing the peeps in a colorful pattern around the wreath. Simple! Get tutorial here

3. Carrot door decoration

This spring carrot door decoration by Holly Tompkins is a great example of a simple, but very effective, idea. The hanger was created using artificial tulips and greenery from Michael's.

Holly bundled the tulips into the carrot shape, holding them in place with wire and green burlap ribbons. The greenery was tucked in the top, and the swag was finished off with a bow.

To attach the hanger to the door, she used a command strip and a hook. Get tutorial here

4. Bunny topiary

This next cute Easter bunny topiary idea by Shelly L Nemeth is a classy and cute way to spruce up your porch for spring. Shelly grabbed some cheap Easter decorations from the Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby and put her own spin on it.

Plastic bowls were glued together with E6000 to create the bunny head and body shapes, while the ears were snapped off a cheap bunny face and attached to the top.

Next, Shelly sprayed the piece dark green, then covered the surfaces with a thick layer of moss. A bow around the bunny necks adds a final touch. Get tutorial here

5. Egg topiary

These Easter egg topiaries are also by Shelly L Nemeth. This time, she used some Easter egg picks at the Dollar Tree.

First, Shelly stuck a 2x2 board into a plant pot and held it in place with spray foam. Just before the foam dried, she added green paper grass to the top.

Then, she stuck the eggs to the pole and added some extra embellishments, such as burlap ribbons and smaller eggs too. They look like potted Easter egg trees! Get tutorial here

6. Giant peeps topiary

Here's another great Easter peeps porch idea. For this project, DIY-er Julien K. cut and painted a bunny out of styrofoam to make it look like a giant marshmallow peep.

Next, the bunny was stuck into an urn, and the bottom was covered up with faux flowers and greenery. A little ribbon bow tie is the icing on the cake. Get tutorial here

7. Bunny butt craft

Is there anything cuter than a little bunny butt peeping out of the bushes? Well, for this Easter craft, Gail@Purple Hues and Me created a spring planter, complete with carrots and burrowing bunnies.

To make this, Gail painted a cardboard carton and filled it with floral grass. Next, she wrapped fleece around styrofoam balls to make the bunny butts and tails. Then, she made little white bunny feet with pink pads.

Finally, she placed the bunny butts in the carton and flourished with some faux carrots too. Get tutorial here

8. Standing pallet bunnies

For her springtime craft, Kippi @ Kippi At Home has made this adorable collection of bunnies out of pallets. She drew around a template and glued the pallet pieces together to make the shapes. Then all that was left to do was cut out the silhouettes.

For a final flourish, the bunnies were given little ribbon accessories. These would look great as decorations for a garden Easter egg hunt! Get tutorial here

9. Easter wreath

Our final favorite Easter porch decor idea is this Easter wreath by Jennifer Howard| Cottage On Bunker Hill. This simple and rustic spring wreath was made using cheap materials from the Dollar Tree.

Jennifer used an egg-shaped wire form as the base, then painted the wood bunnies white and the wood eggs green. She also glued moss to the eggs for an earthy spring vibe.

Then, she simply stuck them around the wreath in an alternating design. This wreath is so simple to make and sure to make visitors smile! Get tutorial here