DIY Cute Jute Bag Planter

by Ekta
15 Minutes
Some beautiful succulents can compliment an old jute bag beautifully.
Check out this video to see how I turn a old jute bag into a planter as a gift for a friend or read the step by step guide below to make one for yourself .
I chose some Echiverias and a bunch of sedum for this project. The size of the jute bag is 4" X 6". You can go for smaller bag as well, it would look cute on a centre or a coffee table.
For planting the succulents I lined the jute bag with a small polybag. I secured the polybag to the jute bag by stapling it. For drainage I added some small pebbles . Adding pebbles will store the extra water and protect the roots from rotting.
On top of the pebbles, I added 2" layer of soil. Before choosing the kind of soil just remember that succulents do not like a lot of water so choose a well draining soil.
For planting I chose succulents but you can also try other plants that are shallow rooted and grow slowly otherwise you would need to shift the plants out of the bag very soon. For inserting the roots into the soil you can use a pointed stick, I used the pencil tip.
You can fill the space between plants with some sea shells or polished stones to give a finished look.
Quick tip : Water judiciously! Over watering can kill succulents especially in such an arrangement with no drainage.
Also, Succulents like sun so, try to keep the planter near a sunny window. If you don't have a sunny window, keep shifting the planter outdoors back and forth every 15 days.
If you want to see what else is growing, check out my YouTube channel
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