Spillway Bowl Fountain

by Cepontzsons
Spillway Bowl installed in Lancaster, PA. A unique way to create beautiful fountainscapes with the new decorative Spillway Bowl, Basin, and Stand. Hand-casted in glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), the Spillway Bowls have the appearance of a formal handcrafted stone fountain at a fraction of the weight, making the decorative water feature extremely easy to install.
The Aquascape Spillway Bowl creates a beautiful spilling water feature that can be added to any pond or pool creating an instant waterfall. Spillway Bowls can also easily be linked together creating a unique modern standalone water feature.
Frequently asked questions
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  • Patricia. Patricia. on Jun 22, 2017

    Where does the water come from that goes into the bowl? Is it a hose?

  • Catherine Spry Catherine Spry on Jul 11, 2018

    I too am curious as to how the water gets into the bowl. A pump & hose, or?

    Also, where is the water that's spilling from the bowl going? Is it just a recessed spot in the ground, then topped with lots of rocks, then soaking into the ground underneath those rocks, or?

    I have recently been turning a narrow area which has a small gate & is located on the side of my house into a secret garden, & this would be perfect for there, I believe. I do so want to make this, but being a newbie to a project like this, I'd need a few instructions with required items to make your beautiful spillway bowl project, if I want to even have a chance of putting this together & having it work.

    So beautiful, & it LOOKS easy, but what do I know.

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