How to Plant Potatoes

Don't be a couch potato! It's time to get busy growing potatoes in your garden. We have the tools to get you started. Here you'll find what you need to know about when, how, and where to grow potatoes with our DIY video tutorials, best projects, and discussion boards. Happy potato planting.

How to Grow Potatoes in a Pot

Prepare materials for a potato pot

Source two round plastic planters (one slightly smaller than the other) and cut a window into each pot’s side at the same height.

Finish your potato pot

Place the smaller pot inside the larger one. When you turn it, there should be a hole. You will harvest potatoes through this “hatch”.

Grow your potatoes

Add growing medium to the pot and plant your potatoes. Plant them with their eyes facing upwards. If you have a sprout, face it upwards.

Nurture your potato plants

Potatoes enjoy lots of water but not lingering moisture, so provide adequate drainage holes. Keep them in a dark area.

Harvesting via your hatch

Turn the outside pot until the hatch is visible. Pluck the crop, but do it gently so as not to damage your potato plant.

Top Projects for Growing Potatoes

We've gathered the top potato growing projects here for you. Go on in!

Potato Growing Videos

Check out our video tutorials on growing potatoes yourself.

DIY Potato Tower

Here's an easy and weed free way to grow potatoes. We did this last summer and it was so easy and productive that we are planning to do even more this year!

Red New Potato Tips From Seed to Harvest

I love potatoes, they really go with anything. They are yummy mashed, boiled, friend, roasted, and they might be my favorite food! So on top of all that, they are so easy to grow!! Here are my tips for planting and harvesting red new potatoes.

New Potato Growing Projects

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