Instead of Planting Flowers, These Homeowners Did Something Brilliant

Hometalk Highlights
by Hometalk Highlights
So, what would you put here? If you’re thinking “flowers,” you’re in for a nice surprise.
Project via Susan @Oh My! Creative
While most people see open spaces and corners as ideal spots for growing gardens, Susan thought outside the flower bed and used this space for a gorgeous DIY pond!
Project via Susan @Oh My! Creative
If that got your wheels turning, here are 8 more inspiring homeowners who ditched the flowers and did something so much better!

1. Gravel Walkway

Project via Dave + Mary @Front Porch Ideas
When this DIYing couple wanted to add some cottage charm to their home, they didn’t opt for flowers or leafy bushes - instead, they easily transformed this garden border into a gravel walkway.

2. Inset Storage Shed

Project via Historic Shed
Faced with this recessed planter bed, two clever homeowners decided to ditch the traditional garden (nothing attractive ever grows in these beds, anyway), and turn it into brilliant storage space instead. But it fits so well in with the rest of the exterior, you would never know!

3. Pallet Wood Walkway

Project via Donna @Funky Junk Interiors
When this busy blogger didn’t have time to keep up a flower bed in this spot, she came up with an even better plan! Using reclaimed pallet boards, she added a charming walkway to her garden. And it looks even prettier with the garden grown in around it!

4. Garden Rock Art

Project via Kimberly @Quirky Cool Living
This creative crafter had a brilliant idea for the big blank slate of white gravel outside her home. Her design looked beautiful as natural rock and brick, but the paint job gives the front a pop of color!

5. Compact Garden Shed

Project via John @RT3Media
This narrow strip of property between the house and the lot line wasn’t useful for much, but instead of something pretty, this homeowner decided to build something functional - a thin garden shed with plenty of helpful storage! There’s even a brilliant spot for bikes.

6. Curved Pergola

Project via Gail @Purple Hues and Me
Her husband was leery of her idea for this space, but once she showed him some pictures, he was on board - and good thing he was, because this backyard retreat is amazing (and insanely easy to make!)

7. Rocky Waterfall

Project via Chanda and Sam @Zest It Up
This DIYer was ashamed of the ugly sight that greeted visitors at the front door, but a garden was not the fix she had in mind. This waterfall, with its incredible metal detailing, is much better - now, she loves walking to her front door, looking for the fishes, and hearing the water trickle.

8. Outdoor Seating Corner

via Holly @The Coconut Head’s Survival Guide
If you ever get discouraged by a huge project, just think of this desperate homeowner, who turned a literal mud pit into a quaint outdoor seating area. Sure, she could have turned it into a flourishing garden area, but on those summer afternoons, she’ll enjoy this so much more!

Jealous? Us too! Let us know which one you want to try!
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