DIY Outdoor Walkway Ideas

What's your outdoor walkway style? Pavers or gravel? Brick or concrete? Are you looking to line your walkways and path with lights or plants and flowers? Hometalk has everything you need to design and execute the walkways and paths that you desire. Check out our newest project to see what's trending today.

Customize Your Garden Walkway
Layer up a great gravel path
Gravel can transform your walkway in an instant. Get large stones compacted down on 4 inches of crushed stone and 1 inch of sand.
Add some art to your path
Using cement paint and a template, apply two coats, and leave to dry for 48 hours. To finish, add two coats over a two-day period.
Turn a pallet into a pathway
Break apart a pallet, arrange the slats in a line, and embed in some soil. Press down and line with rocks and plants for a makeshift walkway.
Design a glittering stone mosaic
Transform a block path with a mosaic. Pour cement into the crevasses around each block. Then, insert painted stones and allow to dry.
Revamp your path with paint
Add depth to your walkway with concrete stain. Apply with a roller and allow to dry. Add a second coat to give light-grey concrete a new sheen.
Top Projects for Outdoor Walkways & Paths

Our top walkway and path projects for you to get ideas for your outdoor space.

Outdoor Walkway & Path Videos

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How to Build a Beautiful Concrete Bag Walkway | 8 Easy Steps

Get ready to take your outdoor space to the next level with an amazing DIY project: a cement-in-plastic bag walkway!In this guide, I'll show you how to create a durable and eye-catching concrete pathway for your front yard or garden path.This post was transcribed by a member of the Hometalk editorial team from the original HometalkTV episode.

Simple Garden Path

This is a simple wooden garden path that can be made with a few logs, a chain saw, some oil, and some time.

Stenciled Sidewalk Power Wash Hack

You will never go back to a boring sidewalk after seeing what I do with a stencil and my power washer! You can see more of my crazy creations here

DIY Installation of Paver Base Panel for Paver Path - Part One

DIY Installation of Paver Base Panel for Paver Path - Part One ~ Take your garden to the next level... install a garden paer path so you can enjoy your garden anytime! - Paver Base Panel DIY Homeowner installation of Garden Paver Path Walkway – Landscaper Know How - Paver base panels make it easier for homeowners to acheive proffesional results when installing paver walks or patios. The paver base panel replaces six inches of compacted aggregate base material saving you great amounts of hard labor! Less excavation and not have to install TONS of gravel make it a welcome choice for homeowners to install themselves. Make sure to watch the video include as it takes you step by step through the base prep all the way to the paver base panel installation. Part two will show how to install the paver on the paver base panels. Thank you for checking the project out and by all means share with your friends! ENJOY!!

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