DIY Outdoor Porch Ideas

The perfect porch can become the entertaining space of your dreams, but do you know what you need to make that dream come true? The Hometalk community has all of the hacks you need to get you started and inspire you to build your own porch. Join the conversation on our dicussion boards or take a moment to watch a video. Be inspired!

Design Ideas for Porches
Pick a color theme
Choose a color theme of two or three colors only. Using only these colors allows your porch to utilize color without looking tacky.
Go vintage and antique
Decorate your porch using antique items and anything vintage. Create a feeling of nostalgia as guests enter your home.
Create a hangout spot
Turn your porch into a cozy place to meet and greet by adding chairs, potted plants, and lights for evening meetups.
Choose bright colors
Make a confident and lasting impression by using bright colors to decorate and paint your porch.
Build a modern porch
Design a modern porch by using materials such as brick or stone. Keep your colors neutral and your design minimal and simple.
Top DIY Porch Projects

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The Perfect Small Balcony Makeover in 10 Simple Steps

Like millions of Indian city-dwellers, my apartment comes with a teeny-tiny balcony. For most people, this small space tends to be forgotten, only used on rare occasions. However, I'm a firm believer that every single inch of someone's home has the potential to be put to good use. No matter where you live in the world, it's likely that you also have a balcony that you think is too small to be a meaningful addition to your living space. However, this is not the case.

Make a Rolling Gate for Your Porch

Do you have small children who use your porch as a play space? Or a pet that enjoys playing and napping on the porch? You can easily make a rolling gate from a short section of porch railings. The gate will help to keep your pet and your children more secure on your porch. Of course, nothing takes the place of parental supervision. Here's how: - Attach two casters at the bottom of a section of balustrade - Attach the "rolling"balustrade with hinges - Close with a latch or even a bungee cord See a video below that demonstrates this easy fix!

Teeny Tiny Balcony Makeover On a Budget

I have this little tiny balcony that had water damage on the walls and just overall dinginess, and I was looking for low cost ways to make it a nice place to sit and read. I had no experience with tiling before and I'm really happy with the result!

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