Scary to Stunning!

by Jan
Front porch step makeover!
Before, horrible, trip hazard, crumbling, sinking, haunted house feeling for sure! You can see the 'new' block just sitting there - it had been there for some time, as my DH thought he could rebuild the steps himself. Being a guitar player, not the best use of his hands. It was not a good idea to use salt on the steps in winter, as that contributed to the deterioration of the blocks. So, this was the year to finally bite the bullet, and share my idea with a contractor.
Having a double front door, I felt that the old steps were cramped and small. We went from a 7' x 4-1/2' landing to one that is now 10x6. Much more welcoming...safer, spacious! Framing was done with PT, and the decking and steps are out of composite. The railings are vinyl, easy maintenance for sure. The job was completed on the third day. And I can't be more please with the result.
Seems like one project leads to another and this is no exception. The brown stain on the cedar portion of the siding will be changed to match the light color on the house, and eventually new windows will be going in, those will be white as well. A pop of color on new shutters will be an nice addition. Can you tell, not liking the brown!? Landscaping will start soon, some will be retained and trimmed, watch for the next phase! Some things are best left to the pros. Can't wait to decorate for the seasons!
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  • Jan Jan on Sep 17, 2014
    Thanks! It really wasn't an attachment issue as much as a motivational issue from certain parties that live here...aka my DH! He was going to tackle this 2 summers ago...and I said..WHAT? He plays guitar, and with arthritis moving in....he has to watch just how much he can do with his I said...forget it....calling a contractor! Think I'll be doing that a little more the 'honey-do' list is longer than he wants! Lol!
  • Angela Angela on Mar 13, 2015
    Love the new stairs. Can you give me an idea as to the cost? Did you have to demo the old stairs?