Make Home Security Fashionable

Design sliding door security

Insert a wooden rod into open section door track so it can’t be opened. To remove it, pull up the attached string and hang on a suction hook.

Hide your peephole in style

Glue popsicle sticks in the shape of a door. Stick on mini-wheels and attach to a metal rod sitting just above the peephole.

Make a hidden eye in the sky

Remove a segment from a plastic lantern to hide your security cameras. Place the lantern in a tree for a perfectly concealed security device.

Use natural security systems

Not all home security devices have to be hi-tech. Use thick, thorny plants as a natural line of defense between your home and your garden.

Secure your home

Bolster your door bolts with 3" screws. Insert the new screws and tighten. The added length will make your locks stronger and more secure.

Top Projects for Outdoor Home Security

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Outdoor Home Security Videos

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3 DIY Projects to Improve Security on Exterior Doors

Here's 3 easy and cheap DIY projects that will improve the strength and security at your front, back, and garage entry doors. French or sliding doors have their own special security rules. These rules mostly just apply to single doors.I would do

How to Hide Home Security Cameras to Watch Your Home

We get so many home deliveries that I wanted to add some kind of video devices to watch over the front door for us. I wanted something somewhat hidden that didn't take a bunch of wiring to install, and that I could monitor remotely. It really hit me when I got home late one day to find a big furniture delivery had arrived and been sitting at the front door for hours. Anyone could have taken it; we'd never know who it was.

Little Barn Door for Home Security

Before reading further, please take a minute to subscribe to the once a week Mother Daughter Projects newsletter. Click this link. Here's a fun idea for covering the peephole on the back of a door.

How to Make a Birdhouse Slipcover for a Outdoor Security Camera

We recently installed a couple of Ring Outdoor Security Cameras at Steph's house as part of our participation in The Home Depot's smart home campaign.These cameras are battery operated, meaning we could install them away from a power source. This gave us a lot more flexibility in their placement.We decided to put them where they could "see" Steph's house rather than "see" out away from it.Take a look at what we did, and how we gave them a bit of camouflage in the form of a birdhouse "slipcover."

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