How to Make Pest Repellent

Pests got you down? Have they invaded your garden or home? Let Hometalk help. Here you'll find DIY instructional videos to help you banish those pesky pests. Take a moment to look through some of our trendiest posts with eveything you need to know to tailor your pest repeller to meet your specific needs. So, what are you waiting for?

How to Make Pest Repellent

Use essential oils to repel pests

Combine oil of lemon eucalyptus with a carrier oil, like olive oil. Mix one part OLE to ten-parts carrier oil and apply directly to the skin.

Grow your own repellent

Grow herbs that contain naphthalene. Citronella is also recommended. Place them near doorways and windows, or dry and hang them where needed.

Use mint to repel cockroaches

Grow mint indoors near windows and cabinets to keep cockroaches away. Placing dried mint in small breathable sachets and hanging helps too.

Repel insects with beer

Mix equal parts flat beer and mouthwash in a spray bottle. Add 2 spoons of Epsom salts and dry yeast. Spray the mixture near outdoor plants.

Make a lavender spray

Pour ¼ cup of organic apple cider vinegar into a spray bottle and add 25 drops of lavender essential oil. Spray on clothing to repel insects.

Top Projects for Making Pest Repeller

Visit our top DIY pest repeller projects and get rid of those pests.

DIY Pest Repeller Videos

Watch our DIY video tutorials on how to make your own pest repeller.

DIY Weed Killer

Control those pesky weeds with this easy DIY Weed Killer!

Who's Digging in the Dirt?

Good morning and how are you? Fine I hope. Today my thoughts are on growing something. The weather here is undoubtedly strange this year. The temperature predictions for today will be in the 80s! Actual prediction high 86 degrees! I think I'll hold off on planting some things because if history can be taken into account we will have a cold snap. Talking gardening today.

How to Get Rid of Fungus Gnats in Your Indoor Garden

Fungus gnats are small, dark flying insects that thrive in indoor potted plants. These pesky insects also attack hydroponic gardens and can seriously destroy or inhibit plant growth. They favour damp and moist condition which is why they can be a real pain to gardeners using dripper systems. If you need help getting rid of gnats, here are some tips that you can use.

Natural Weed Killer

Raise your hand if you hate weeds! I totally hate weeds. Can't stand them, and they're always creeping up into my yard, between my pavers, everywhere! Most people I know use that awful poison, and while that works, I do not want to spray that stuff anywhere I step. This recipe is a great organic weed killer. It's definitely the best natural weed killer, and you can easily substitute the apple cider vinegar for white vinegar.

New Making Pest Repeller Projects

Looking for new ideas of how to make pest repeller? Peruse our collection here.

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