Stink Bug Catcher: Homemade Remedies for a Pest-Free Home

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Stink bugs, with their distinctive odor and penchant for invading homes, can be a nuisance to deal with. Luckily, there are simple stink bug catchers you can use to catch and repel these pesky insects.

In this guide, we'll explore two effective techniques using common household items: double-sided tape and aluminum foil.

Tools and Materials:

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How to catch a stink bug

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Project 1: Catching Stink Bugs with Double-Sided Tape

Stink bugs are attracted to light and often make their way indoors through windows. By strategically placing double-sided tape on window sills, you can trap them before they have a chance to enter your home.

Using household items to catch stink bugs

1. Prepare Your Materials

Gather your supplies: double-sided tape and scissors.

Step-by-step guide for making a stink bug trap

2. Apply the Tape

Carefully peel off the backing of the double-sided tape and apply it along the window sills, focusing on areas where stink bugs are likely to enter.

How do you make a stink bug trap

3. Monitor and Replace

Check the tape regularly for trapped stink bugs. Once it becomes covered with bugs or loses its stickiness, replace it with fresh tape.

How to get rid of stink bugs in house

Project 2: Repelling Stink Bugs with Aluminum Foil

If you prefer to avoid the stink bugs all together and not deal with them getting caught in the tape then try this:

Natural remedies for keeping stink bugs out of your home

1. Cover Surfaces with Foil

Cut aluminum foil into strips.

Trapping stink bugs

Stick pieces of double-sided tape along the outside of your window sills, door thresholds, and other entry points where stink bugs may attempt to enter.

Home remedies for deterring stink bugs

Attach the foil to the tape. This will ensure it stays in place.

Effective stink bug control

2. Maintain the Barrier

Regularly inspect the foil barriers and replace them as needed, especially if they become dirty or damaged.

More DIY Pest Repellents

If you’re looking for additional ideas for repelling bothersome bugs, check out this How To Add a Velcro Screen Door to Keep Bugs Out tutorial.

Trap stink bugs

Stink Bug Catcher and Repeller Tutorial

By combining these two methods—trapping stink bugs with double-sided tape and repelling them with aluminum foil—you can effectively control their presence in your home.

With a little DIY effort, you can enjoy a stink bug-free environment all year round.

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    I can't tell from the pictures where you're actually placing the tape and foil. It says window sill but it looks like your putting tape on a wall? Need a picture that includes the actual window.
  • Doc's Mom Doc's Mom on Apr 17, 2024
    I would like to see a photo of what you call a stink bug. Asian beetles will stink terribly when squished. Wondering if you are calling the Asian beetle a stink bug.
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    how do you get rid of donyas cansadas a Toda Madre?
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    I saw these on a branch and clipped the branch into a bag and send them off so I don't get any in doors. I think stink bug is like a Mexican Guayabo tree bug and especially when there like thirteen feet tall. The is grey and has spaded legs and can fly.