How To Make a Stink Bug Repellent With Dryer Sheets

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Stink bugs may think they have the upper hand, but with a bit of ingenuity, you can outsmart them at their own game.

Join us as we unveil a DIY stink bug repellent that's sure to give those unwelcome visitors a run for their money.

Armed with nothing more than dryer sheets and a can-do attitude, you'll be well on your way to reclaiming your home from these odorous intruders.

Tools and Materials:

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How to get rid of stink bugs

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Why Do Dryer Sheets Repel Stink Bugs?

Before we get started on the DIY stink bug repellent, let's understand why dryer sheets are effective at keeping these unwanted guests away.

Stink bugs are repelled by certain scents, and dryer sheets happen to emit fragrances that they find unpleasant. Specifically, the strong scent of the chemicals found in dryer sheets acts as a deterrent to stink bugs, discouraging them from entering your home or garden.

Now, let's put this knowledge to use and create our own stink bug repellent!

Cut dryer sheets into strips

1. Prepare Your Dryer Sheets

Start by gathering your unused dryer sheets. You can use any brand or scent you prefer.

How to repel stink bugs

Using scissors, cut the dryer sheets into smaller pieces. This will help distribute the scent more effectively throughout your home or garden.

Hang dryer sheets by windows

3. Hang the Dryer Sheets

Now, it's time to strategically place the cut dryer sheets around your home and garden.

Getting rid of stink bugs

You can hang them near windows and doors, place them in potted plants, or even tie them to outdoor furniture.

Using dryer sheets to keep stink bugs away from home

4. Rub Dryer Sheets on Surfaces

In addition to hanging dryer sheets around your home and garden, another effective way to repel stink bugs is by directly rubbing them on entry points and areas where you frequently encounter these unwanted pests.

More Stink Bug Repellers

If you’re looking for additional ideas on getting rid of stink bugs, find out how to use double sided tape and aluminum foil to deter these pests.

Simple stink bug deterrent using dryer sheets

Stink Bug Repellent Tutorial

With just a few simple steps, you can transform your home and garden into a sanctuary free from stink bug intruders. Take the plunge and give our DIY repellent a try—you'll thank yourself later!

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  • Toni Kilpatrick Toni Kilpatrick on Apr 11, 2024
    Chemicals in dryer sheets? Why would we use these on our clothes! Clothes that cover our biggest organ, our skin. Thank you so much for the heads up. Will use rest of dryer sheets to get rid of bugs.
  • Evy Blake Evy Blake on Apr 11, 2024
    Are you using “stink bugs” as a general term or what are they if not?
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    Will dryer sheet keep spinners out too
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