DIY Tiki Torch Fuel for Mosquitoes

2 Materials
15 Minutes

Tiki torch fuel is so easy to make! I add a bug repellent essential oil blend to naturally keep away flying pests.

This recipe makes enough for one or two torches or tabletop torches, depending on the size. But it's very easy to scale up to make several batches if you have a big yard or want to store some on the shelf.

You'll need vegetable oil, essential oils, and a tiki torch. I actually use tabletop torches. I think the cut out pattern makes nice outdoor decor, and I like that people don't bump into them in the yard.

I mixed my torch fuel in a mason jar. I added two cups of vegetable oil and four teaspoons of essential oils. You can try using 1 teaspoon of oils per cup if you don't have a lot of bugs. I live on a farm with ponds and corn fields, so I used more oils.

Then I filled the reservoirs to the fill line and lit my torches.

I recommend the Bug Fighter blend from Simply Earth. You can also use citronella or other essential oils, but I like this blend because it works and it's already mixed for me.

Check out my blog post for more essential oil ideas.

Now light your tiki torch and enjoy your backyard without unwanted flying guests! We have a large backyard because we live on a farm, so I use 4 of these. If you are in a smaller area or an area where they spray for mosquitoes regularly, you might be able to use fewer torches.

Suggested materials:
  • Vegetable oil   (Aldi)
  • Bug Repellent   (Bolek's)
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