7 Astonishing Coffee Grounds Tips to Save You Time and Money

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Did you know that the leftover coffee grounds from your brewed coffee can be used for more than just brewing another cup? Old coffee grounds are a natural and effective solution for cleaning, deodorizing, and even repelling bugs in your home. You can see more of my crazy creations here

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In this tutorial, I'll show you a few coffee hacks and teach you how to reuse your coffee grounds, providing you with eco-friendly and budget-friendly solutions for a cleaner and fresher home.

Dish soap and coffee grounds in a bowl

Prepare your DIY coffee cleaner

Begin by taking a cup of coffee grounds and scooping them into a bowl. Next, add a tablespoon of Dawn dish soap or another dish soap of your choice and mix it in with the coffee grounds to form a coarse-textured paste. You can now use this paste for a few of the following hacks.

Coffee grounds being spread around a stainless steel sink

1. Clean your sink

To clean your sink effectively, start by scooping a small amount of soapy coffee grounds into the sink basin. Next, grab a scrub pad and begin scrubbing the entire surface of the sink, making sure to focus on the edges around the drain and any other areas where dirt and grime may accumulate.

The soap in the coffee grounds will disinfect the sink, while the abrasiveness of the coffee grounds will work to scrub away any stubborn grime or residue that may be sticking to the surface. Rinse the sink thoroughly with hot water.

Coffee grounds being placed in a garbage disposal

2. Disinfect your garbage disposal

You can also use the soapy coffee scrub to clean your garbage disposal. Add the mixture to the disposal and let it run with water.

The coffee grounds will help to scrub away any debris or buildup that may be lurking in the disposal, while the soap will help to disinfect and deodorize the unit. Once complete, your garbage disposal will be fresh, clean, and free of any lingering odors.

Coffee grounds in a pot with stuck-on noodles

3. Remove stuck-on food from pots and pans

If you have a pot or pan with food stuck to the bottom, simply put it in the sink, add some soapy coffee grounds, and cover it with water so that the burnt or stuck-on part is submerged. Let it sit for approximately 15 to 30 minutes.

Once the time is up, grab your scrub brush and start scrubbing the burnt-on residue. Repeat this process if needed, and then rinse and wash the pot or pan thoroughly.

Clean your stovetop with coffee grounds

4. Clean your stovetop

Scoop some of the soapy coffee grounds onto your glass cooktop or stovetop, but be sure not to use it on porous surfaces as coffee can cause staining.

Begin by scrubbing your glass cooktop in a circular motion. The soap will disinfect and clean the surface, while the coffee grounds will provide a gentle abrasive to remove any stubborn residue.

After scrubbing, wipe the surface clean with a damp cloth or sponge. This natural cleaning method is an effective way to keep your stovetop clean and free of harmful chemicals often found in traditional cleaning products.

Repairing a scratch in wood with coffee grounds

5. Repair wood

To darken a scuff or scratch on a wooden surface, you can use leftover fresh grounds as a natural stain. Simply place the coffee grounds on the affected area and let them sit for around 30 minutes. Afterward, remove the grounds, and you will notice that the wood has darkened naturally.

If the color is not as deep as you desire, repeat the process until the desired shade is achieved. This natural method is an effective way to conceal minor imperfections on wooden surfaces.

Coffee grounds in a salt shaker

6. Pest control

Do coffee grounds repel insects? They sure do!

Dry out some of your leftover coffee, and then use the coffee grounds as an insect repellent. Simply put the grounds into a salt shaker and replace the lid.

Place the shaker near any areas where bugs, ants, or rodents may enter your home. The scent of the coffee will act as a natural deterrent, keeping them away. This is a simple and effective way to keep pests at bay.

Coffee grounds in a bowl in the fridge

7. Deodorize

To freshen up the scent of your refrigerator or freezer, try using your leftover coffee grounds. First, allow the grounds to dry out, and then place them into an open container. The coffee will act as a natural deodorizer, helping to eliminate any unpleasant odors and leaving behind a wonderful aroma.

Coffee grounds in garbage can

You can also add some leftover coffee grounds to your garbage cans to help eliminate odors.

Jar of coffee grounds being placed on a holder in the bathroom

Another great idea is to fill any recycled jar such as a mason jar with dried leftover coffee grounds. My favorite place for these is in our bathroom because it deodorizes the room and it smells like coffee beans. You can do this in any area in your home.

More Home Maintenance Tips

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Coffee hacks tutorial

I hope you enjoyed learning how to reuse coffee grounds to make an effective and eco-friendly cleaning solution that will keep your home smelling amazing and keep those insects away as well. It's such a great way to reduce food waste and save money.

I would love to know if you have any clever coffee hacks to share with us all in the comments.

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    I actually use them every morning to freshen my garbage can, but honestly cannot tell if they work. lol

    Seriously, putting them in a compost for plants is the best idea.

    I have used coffee and tea to stain wood, age books, put in paint or wall compound for texture. I have even used on fake plants to make it look like dirt.

    Best thing for cleaning and absorbing odors is baking soda.

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