How to Make a Mouthwash Mosquito Repellent: A Simple Summer Solution

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If you're gearing up to host a summer gathering and find yourself unprepared for mosquitoes, don't stress—I've got an ingenious DIY solution for you: Listerine.

This everyday toiletry serves as an excellent backup plan when you need to fend off mosquitoes.

Let me walk you through how to create this homemade mosquito repellent with mouthwash, it's super simple!

Tools and Materials:

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Home remedies to deter mosquitoes

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1. Prepare Your Solution

Grab a spray bottle and fill it with one cup of mouthwash. The minty scent will not only freshen up your space but also repel those pesky mosquitoes.

Homemade mosquito spray with mouthwash

2. Apply the Mouthwash Mosquito Repellent to Problem Areas

Identify areas in your backyard where mosquitoes tend to congregate. Give these spots a good misting with the Listerine solution. Be sure to spray all nearby surfaces, including the air around you.

3. Protect Your Skin

To keep mosquitoes from biting you, lightly mist your skin with the mixture. Allow it to dry for about a minute before heading back into the outdoor fun.

Mouthwash spray for mosquitoes

Maintenance Tip:

Keep your mouthwash mosquito repellent handy outdoors, as the effects typically last for about 30-40 minutes. When you start feeling those mosquito bites again, simply reapply the solution as needed.

Upgrade Your Mosquito Defense Strategy!

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Homemade Mosquito Repellent with Mouthwash Tutorial

Who knew that a bottle of Listerine could be the secret you needed to keep mosquitoes away?

With this simple DIY hack, you can enjoy your outdoor gatherings without the nuisance of buzzing insects. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

Disclaimer: This mosquito mouthwash repellent is intended for temporary relief and may not be as effective as commercial mosquito repellents. Please use caution and discretion when applying any home remedy for pest control.

Frequently asked questions
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  • Diane Diane on May 04, 2024
    What do you mix with the Listerine???
  • Patriciaconstance1 Patriciaconstance1 on May 04, 2024
    Only trouble is Listerine attracts ants. They love it! So you are trading one problem for another!
  • Sharonaszeliga Sharonaszeliga on May 05, 2024
    Will the listerine spray keep ticks away.
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  • Eil54995392 Eil54995392 on May 05, 2024
    You do not need Listerine., any strong mouthwash will do the same. Listerine is the more expensive option and not necessary.
  • Linda Linda on May 05, 2024
    This works great in the grass, at the beach on the sand areas, etc. I have heard though that it should not be sprayed on wood; believe discoloration can occur. It's used 100% straight out of the bottle, no diluting. Have never had a problem with it drawing ants, but I suppose that's possible. You don't have to use mint, either. Any generic brand will do.