Repurpose drawers into eclectic shelves

These actually look so good, and they add a lot more bathroom storage space than we thought they would. Get tutorial here

Rope a belt around a piece of wood

This rustic shelf adds style to your bathroom without much hassle. Get tutorial here

Glitz it up with silver foil and gems

You never have to compromise your style for storage space. Get tutorial here

Turn an old ladder on its side

Use it for storing toilet paper, towels, or whatever you need. And the two sides means double the amount of shelving room. Get tutorial here

Nail on some cool vintage crates

All you need are some crates and L-brackets to make these cool-looking shelves. Get tutorial here

Hang a swing shelf in your shower with rope

This teeny tiny shelf is perfect for your cramped shower. Plus, it looks adorable. Get tutorial here

Turn old spindles into a towel rack

Add it below a piece of wood and you double your storage space. Get tutorial here

Create a thin shelf for razors

Grab two thin pieces of wood and glue on dowels to help each item stand on it’s own. Voila! No counter clutter! Get tutorial here

Turn a chair into a towel hanger and shelf

You can hang your towels on hooks and keep the extras on the shelf. Isn’t that creative? Get tutorial here

Reuse a CD organizer for small items

You’re not using that CD organizer anyway, so why not use as a cute bathroom wall shelf? Get tutorial here

Build your own tiered shadow box

Or grab some shadow box frames and glue them together for a similar idea. Get tutorial here

Turn an IKEA spice shelf upside down

Then use the top to hold soaps and the bottom for your hand towels. Brilliant! Get tutorial here

Repurpose an old sewing machine table

It took a bit of puzzle solving, but these shelves were worth it. Get tutorial here