Rescued Geometric Chair

Don't forget upholstery - this trashed chair gets some fabulous fabric angles. Get tutorial here

Crafty Compass Table

Angles and shapes don't have to limit your design. Think outside the box (or the country)! (Evija @From Evija with Love Get tutorial here

Stunning Stenciled Desk

Give tired, shapeless drawers an interest upgrade with stencils and paint. Get tutorial here

Mesmerizing Wine Bar

From workbench to wine bar, this pegboard pretty is absolutely mesmerizing! Get tutorial here

Soft Desk Detailing

Add geometric drama in a small way, with detailed drawers or shelves. Get tutorial here

Vibrant Curvy Desk

If your piece has a great body all on it's own, keep the geometric patterns minimal. Get tutorial here

Colorful Geometric Dresser

Then again, if it's basically just a block, go wild with angles and colors! Get tutorial here

Negative Space Footboard

Embrace your negative space! This footboard creates depth with corners and lines. Get tutorial here

Half Highlight Beauty

A good way to temper your shapely statement is to only highlight half the piece. Get tutorial here

Abstract Artist's Chair

Don't be afraid to let your decor wander into abstract, with free forms circles and lines. Get tutorial here

Exotic Overlay Look

If you love the look of wood, don't cover it completely - just add an overlay. Get tutorial here

Solid Green Geometric Cabinet

Instead of simply painting shapes, create a geometric structure by adding trim and detail! Get tutorial here

Mosaic-Like Art Table

Make a mosaic-like pattern with different colored triangles. Get tutorial here

Beautiful Boxy Dresser

Highlight the natural geometry of your piece with paint in just the right places. Get tutorial here

Sweet and Simple Chair Update

Add interest to a Plain Jane piece with subtly shaped fabric. Get tutorial here

Eye-Catching Fabric Drawer Fronts

Or, go straight for the bold attraction, with a vibrant, vigorous pattern and color. Get tutorial here

Subtle Shape Night Stands

If you're going for understated, make your additions a slightly different shade. Get tutorial here

Tribal Pattern Dresser

Mix up the natural wood look with bright hues and white markings, for an eclectic accent. Get tutorial here

Two-Toned Coffee Table

Make your angles stand out, with contrasting colors for the tabletop and base. Get tutorial here

Pinwheel Accent Side Table

This piece has plenty of shape on its own, but that didn't stop the wild top. Get tutorial here

Marching Squares Buffet

March different shaped and sized blocks across your piece, for an interesting angled look. Get tutorial here

Shades and Shapes of Blue Side Table

Vibrant colors and a puzzle-like tabletop will make any piece a show stopper. Get tutorial here

Wondrous Wood Cut Out Night Stand

Add shapes to a boring blocky piece by attaching wooden cut outs and contrasting with colors. Get tutorial here

Random Radiant Tabletop

Keep a touch of that rich wood tone, by using it as your accent color in a simple geometric design. Get tutorial here