Making a Rolling Cleaning Bucket for Around $6

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by Stacy Davis
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POV: (Looking around in awe.) I have never spent much time on the Cleantalk side of Hometalk so I hope this goes well. 😊

I love rolling cleaning buckets but they can be kind of pricey. I decided to try to diy a version that was inexpensive but worked well. Here we go!

If you are worried about the strength of the solution around small kids and dogs, just dilute it more and/or a second rinse of just water. You can use a small amount of powdered tide if you think a pod is too strong. An the tiny splash of rubbing alcohol and fabric softener, such a small amount. Adjust accordingly to your preferences. When you make the cleaning solution yourself, you know what is inside and just adjust it to your lifestyle.

And finally, to be 100% honest, this solution appears to leave very little residue behind. There is absolutely no sticky feeling when I walk across the floor unlike how some of my previous cleaners have left the floor. I love it!

*** I want to make sure you check out Kyralee’s comment below. She is going to use the dolly to make a planter dolly. What a great idea! ***

My idea started with this $4 dolly from Harbor Freight. I swear it was $3 when I bought it. Ok, so this project, if you are using two buckets, is more like $6, if you have Velcro already.

I also used some Velcro and two buckets from the Dollar Tree. You can completely get by with one bucket but I decided two would make emptying even easier.

I cut three Velcro pieces.

Just peel and stick into place. It’s that easy.

Stick the bucket on and “boom” you’re done! You can add the other bucket to the inside. It is astonishing how you can motor that bucket with wheels around.

For my cleaning solution, I’m using a Tide pod, a splash of rubbing alcohol and a splash of Fabuloso.

First I vacuumed the floor… with my helper. She hates the vacuum but she has to be with me regardless. Do you have a helper at all times?

Now, I mix up the cleaning solution. Tide pod…

Rubbing alcohol…

Fabuloso… And I topped it off with hot water.

It’s hard to show this in action with pictures so I did a little video.

The video encompasses making the rolling bucket, making the cleaning solution and using the two together.

Suggested materials:
  • Spin mop bucket set   (Amazon)
  • Dolly   (Harbor Freight)
  • A buckets   (Dollar Tree)
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  • Melissa Swan Melissa Swan on Aug 08, 2021

    Have yall priced rhe popular "yellow" rolling clear ingredients buckets? Great idea!

  • Gina S Gina S on Aug 02, 2022

    Wow! Incredible idea. You just made mopping easy. Thank you so much.