Marble Art With Ziplock Bags

by Ariel
3 Materials
7 Minutes
Want to be an artist but have no experience? Or are you like me, and artist but a highly lazy one?

Say no more!

With some paint and a ziplock bag, you can make a marbled art piece that will make everyone believe you’re the next Dali!
All you will need is a big ziplock bag, a canvas to fit inside the bag, and various acrylic paint colors.
Begin squirting all the colors you want on your painting on the canvas. You don’t have to do anything fancy here, just toss is all over the canvas. Just, be sure you have something to cover the table you work with, in case you get a bit carried away like me.

Then, slide the canvas in the bag. Can you see it start to marble already? :)
Start lightly patting the surface of the bag and you will start to see the paint blending and marbling.
Once you take it out, the colors collide together in an amazing marble painting. I loved it!

You’ve created a painting from mostly things you already have around the house, and the result was rad!

Suggested materials:
  • Acrylic Paint   (In the house (Michael's Arts and Crafts Originally))
  • Ziplock Bag   (In house (CVS originally))
  • Canvas   (Michael's Arts and Crafts)
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