How to Paint a PEAR With Acrylic Paint, 4 Easy Steps, for the Beginner

Allison Prior
by Allison Prior
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How to paint a PEAR with acrylic paint, 4 easy steps, for the beginner, quick and easy.

A very easy project, all you need is something to paint on , it could be a dish, an old chair, a mailbox, canvas, watercolor paper, brushes, and any Red, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Green, Black and white pant..A jar for water and to clean your brushes, paper towels, and a plate to put your paints on...Watch the video to see how to paint pears..
Painting a pear with acrylic paint is so easy, here are the steps.
Step 1: Draw the shape of a pear with pencil or chaulk.
Step 2: Apply the base color of yellow..
Step 3: Apply Shadow color
Step 4: Add highlight
Watch my video tutorial for more instructions.. icon

Step 1: Draw the shape of a pear with pencil or chaulk, this will help to get the shape of the pear correctly, if you don't like the shape you can erase the lines, or wipe off the chaulk with a damp brush paper towel..
Step 2: Apply the base color of yellow with a small filbert or flat sable or bristle brush, apply 2 coats of base color paint if needed, wait for each coat to dry before adding the 2nd coat of paint..
Draw as many pears at needed for you project, and add the base color you want, could be yellow, orange, green, or red brown,..
Step 3: Apply Shadow color to the left or right side of the pear, all you need to do is add a little brown to your yellow base color, a little brown to your orange base color, or blue to deepen the green base color, the pear can be dry when you apply the shadow....
Step 4: And Finally Add white highlights to where you think the light is shinning on the pear, you can also add leaves, and stem.
Here are a few various base colors for different color fruit. I hope you enjoy doing the project, you can paint along with my video and have fun..
Include this technique in a beautiful still life painting :)
Suggested materials:
  • Filbert and flat brushes
  • Acrylic Paint
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  • Elaine Elaine on Jul 29, 2017

    You make it look easy, Allison! Good instructions! Are you, by chance, related to Shelley Prior?

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