DIY Pallet Wood Guitar

by Diane
My husband and I were first inspired by some Cigar Box Guitars that we saw at our local flea market. With a little research on our own, we decided to attempt to make one out of pallet wood!
We first selected some boards from a pallet to make the frame and neck.
The awesome thing about this project is " there is NO right or wrong way to make a cigar box shape guitar".

The box has a dimension of 8" X 12". The neck is about 32" long.
For the top, we chose three pieces of wood that were similar in thickness. We glued them together edge to edge and clamped them. Once dry, we sanded them. The hole on top is for sound to echo. Our hole is about 2" in diameter.
Holes were drilled for the string tuners. We purchased the strings, the string tuners, a magnetic pick up, an audio jack, and volume control off of ebay.

You can look up "cigar box" guitars online for instructions on how to assemble them on the neck of the guitar.
We then stained all the wood with Minwax stain!
The wood was then polyurethaned to protect it and the strings were strung!
String tuners were installed on the neck so you can tune the guitar!
Finished Product!!! The total cost was approximately $25.00 and that was for the musical attributes!! Now it's time to tune it and PLAY AWAY!! 😄
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