Raising a Bed With Books!

Sandra Allen
by Sandra Allen
3 Materials
1 Hour

I had a problem, my bed frame was too tall, and I couldnt find something that was the right height. So I applied the Goldilocks Principle and came up with this innovative idea!!

When I had the bed up on a frame, it rolled when I "jumped" up on it. It was just too tall. When I sat it on the ground, it was too low and I stubbed my toes on the box springs.

So I got clever and found some old books. Stacked "just right" they were perfect for the height and the space to allow my feet underneath when making the bed.

I placed two books stacked on top of each other in all four corners.

The plan was to nail/tack a nice lace dust ruffle on the box spring. Not! It's not wood but plastic. So I had to hot glue it. Talk about tedious, but it sure got the job done!

It was harder to do than it should have been but still doable.

The end result was just what I needed and I love the way it looks!

Ta Da!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The finished project :)

DIY home decor using old books

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Suggested materials:
  • Lace dust ruffle   (Free from our community center)
  • Hot glue gun and 2 sticks   (Had at home)
  • 8 hardbound books   (Free from our community center)
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